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Nuša Smolič /

Head of event organization and customer communication of Institute
President / ART Expo Ljubljana commision

As a painter, fashion designer and creator of ideas in Institute Atelje Art Murn International she manages relations with AAMI customers. She is involved in organization of cultural projects and events, where her work is connected with organizations, companies, galleries and artists from different countries. After graduating from High School for Photography and Design, majoring in fashion design, she continued her study at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, majoring in painting and she successfully graduated. In addition she also deals with installations related to music, she writes scripts for videos, stitches her clothing collections and creates costumes for theatre and she is participating with creations of scenography for nightclubs. She works with body painting and “airbrush” techniques, paints on walls, teaches beginner and advanced courses in drawing and painting, holds preparations for entrance exams for art schools, holds workshops for children, workshops of clay sculpting, contributes to designing of logos. Her creativity knows no boundaries, attributes different themes in different styles of art, and happily passes into every new challenge she meets.

The Institute Atelje Art Murn International offers a unique platform that enables innovation and a high-quality organisation of events as well as freedom of expression to everyone who would like to express their needs for art and breathe culture. As our team believes in the power of creating connections through fusion of energy of every individual, we are planning our projects carefully, long-term and pursue our purposes in unique ways. Work can only be done well when it is as a result of an expert knowledge and constant learning, and an unrestricted flow of information is the basis of any good organisation management; therefore we learn every day and try to extract the best from our experiences. May our numerous projects speak for themselves and may cooperation with the individuals that co-create our story give wings to our ambitions. My work involves connecting clients and organizing our projects and therefore I am constantly in touch with various organizations, galleries and different types of artists.

I consider interaction as well as harmonic cooperation to be the two crucial factors for success. As a formally trained painter, I am well aware that the artists should be able to promote themselves to an extent that enables them to reach visibility. This is the way to ensure a long-term development and existence in the artistic field, to preserve their status and create harmony between the predicted trends and the concept of their story. Besides the artistic knowledge and development, creators also need an organisation that enables them to reach for even higher goals. Therefore, we find our cooperation with our general partner, the company BTC d.d., of great importance to destroy the myths around the monotony of the daily routines and to create a dynamic interchange among our fields of activity. We are trying to lay strong foundations of culture and art in the City of opportunities and turn it into a space of true creativity.
May art build bridges, not walls!

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