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Consulting / Printing / Networking / Coaching / Graphic design / Interior design / Photography / Organization services / Sales /

Institute Atelje Art Murn International was founded with the purpose of helping creators and artists with their presentation on the market. Institute provides exhibition spaces, promotion and selling of art works. An integral part of our work is raising awareness and education of general public about art and culture. Our platform is based on integrating business and culture, which we implement into most spheres of our work.

Part of our vocation is to equip empty areas with artwork. In such way, we can provide fixture for the owner of the building, more good press and increased interest for the building, which is no longer vacant. We enlarge exhibition space for collaborating artists. At AAMI, we aspire to generate higher awareness about culture in general, therefore all of the projects we conduct, are highly envolved in art. We organize ventures, activities, programmes and campaigns with artistic and cultural themes. We are the organizers of ART Expo Ljubljana, which is the biggest arts and culture event in Slovenia. Our facilities cover more than a thousand square meters of exhibition spaces, galleries, sales locations, offices etc., based mainly in Ljubljana, Prague and Hong Kong.

Our services include graphic design, photography, sales of antiques, consulting in the purchase of works of art, conducting events, presentations and advertising, consulting, networking, coaching, creatively creating a corporate identity, interior design, business gifts, print … Every new project we take on is carefully considered, assembled with thought and executed in a highly professional manner.

One of the main goals of our activities is filling empty or vacant areas with art works. That includes spaces such as shops, warehouses, halls, alleys, hallways and such, which we transform to temporary cultural areas with minimal investment, with the attempt to minimize or discard any bad promotion for the owner of the building.
A large part of our services consists of promotion, appraisals and sales of art work and antiques. We offer consulting on the topic of art and culture, we offer counselling prior to purchase and afterwards for creating collections. Besides, we offer various artists a place for promotion of their work, room for exhibitioning, organizing exhibitions and mostly, we our aim is to help artists that represent the art market.

Consulting /

Helping your business to grow faster and better /

Institute AAMI offers consulting on the topics of art and culture. We offer consulting in the process of purchasing ortworks, consulting on how to gather and manage a collection and consulting for selling artwork. We offer our guidance for promotion and branding of artists.

Printing /

Paper prints will never die /

We offer printing on different formats and materials. Nonparel printing house is a very notable partner of Institute AAMI,with which we collaborate on numerous projects. They offer quality printing (offset print) like books, monographies, catalogues, promotional material etc., which they create from the beginning to the end on their own.

Networking /

For success of your company /

We organize meetings and events in order for businesspeople and entrepreneurs to meet, with the purpose of creating new business relationships and opportunities, sharing information and seeking potential partners for business ventures. We also offer connections through our contacts and between Salvador Club members and Boticcelli Club members.

Coaching /

Teaching skills modern way /

The essential purpose of »coaching« is to represent the artists and his expression as a whole and by cultoral-artistic expression enrich his space. Personal development of the artist is emerging with the process of learning – in terms of marketing in arts, personal promotion and the end product – sales.

Graphic design /

Design your life and business /

Graphic design solutions, which we offer include corporate design – the creation of logos and branding, editorial design for magazines, newspapers and books, advertising, web design – including creation of web pages or improvement of existing ones, communication design, product packaging and signage.

Interior design /

Work and live in good ambient /

We provide the service of interior design, including arrangement and assembling of space, complete renovation of interior, decoration and fixture of the place including decorating with artwork.

Photography /

Catch important moments /

We offer professional photography of events according to customer’s wishes, including photo shootings and portraiture. We have more than 15 different photographers in our Salvador club, that are providing a professional service. Our customers always cooperate with us that we insure the best results together. Our partner in professional studio photography is company Mega-Graf d.o.o. with more than 20 years of tradition.

WEBSITE / Mega-Graf d.o.o.

Organization services /

Organizing everything from A to Z /

We offer event organization services, including gallery opening events, business launching events and business delegation accompanying events.

Sales /

Sell your artworks and products internationally /

Large part of our services consists of promotion, appraisals and sales of art work and antiques. We offer the organization of sales, its execution and consulting on the topic of art sales. Selling of art is conducted of commission prepaid sales, meaning, upon paying the organization fee, total selling price of the sold artwork belongs to the author.

Video Production and 3D Printing

AAMI Underground / Tech unit /

We provide also service of Video Production and 3D Printing for Business partners and Artists. We organise process from ideas to realisation.