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Institute AAMI Ljubljana

ART Expo Ljubljana is Institute AAMI`s biggest and most demanding project. During the 1st ART Expo Ljubljana in 2017, 142 artists from 15 different countries presented their artworks. 2nd ART Expo Ljubljana will definitely be an improved version of the first one as many more aspiring and excellent Slovenian and foreign artists, galleries, companies and also foreign embassies will join in. All creators, who would want to present their work to a wider audience are welcome to join the AAMI ART Expo story and by that to upgrade their ascending artistic career, since we expect around 10.000 visitors in 5 days. Our job is to help you by providing you the best conditions for your self-presentation. From 12th to 16th of September 2019 around 300 domestic and foreign creators will be able to present their talent during an intense arts and culture happening. Authors from different branches of art are all invited to participate: painters, sculptors, fashion designers, graphic designers, industrial designers, costume designers, dancers, poets, writers, actors and directors etc.

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