AAMI Hong Kong catalogue /


AAMI Hong Kong catalogue was published in 2018 to accompany a month-long AAMI art and business delegation to Hong Kong from April 4th to May 4th in 2018. The main purpose of this delegation was to officially open Institute Atelje Art Murn International and the first moving exhibition in Hong Kong and give opportunity to Slovenian artists and companies to present their vision and their work on Asian market to find new business connections.

AAMI Hong Kong catalogue has three main segments: presentation of AAMI platform of connecting art with business and presentation of BTC Living Lab, presentations of artists and brands that have already exhibited or performed in AAMI venues: Vojko Gašperut, Nuša Smolič, Jur Samec, Manca Izmajlova, Tilen Žbona, Boštjan Pavlič – Paulio Bastelli, The Blonde Bliss, Stjepan Perkovič, Demeter Bitenc, Miha Murn, Lenka Výmolová, Sašo Gačnik – Svarogov, Mik Simčič, Paul Ruiz Neira, Tetyana Donets Savko, Gregor Murn, Eduard Belsky, Milena Šimunič, Katja Čemažar, Stories design and presentations of companies and their products: Kimi d.o.o., Valiant d.o.o., Plant-Net Solar, Združenje YES, TPA, Smart City Platform, CHR Partners, Pering, DigitALPS, Megagraf, Nonparel.

The catalogue is therefore a union of art and business which is resembling a bridge between European and Asian spheres. Among Slovenian artist there are also published artists from other countries or continents and innovative Slovenian companies with their minds wide open to the future.