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Jože Mermal /

President of the BTC Management Board /

“Creativity is contagious. At BTC, where we support culture and the arts, and look to the bright ideas of creators for the inspiration that fuels our own endeavours and ecosystem, we live by this statement. We create breakthrough projects and innovative solutions to strengthen our position as a leading Slovenian enterprise, managing Europe’s largest business, shopping, recreational, entertainment and cultural centre, BTC City Ljubljana.”

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Zoran Janković /

Mayor of the City of Ljubljana /

“Ljubljana is a city of culture as well as a cultured city, proud of its spirit of tolerance and solidarity, a place where variety is respected and where we live together in mutual respect. It is a city where numerous artists have found their artistic inspiration and a place to live. The City of Ljubljana encourages and creates conditions for work of different artists and supports various programmes and projects in the cultural field. Moreover, a modern centre Švicarija for talented visual artists was opened and added to the list of Ljubljana art venues this year.”

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Damjan Kralj, M.Sc. /

Chief Executive Officer of BTC d.d. /

“For years now, our company has been devoted to building bridges between people and companies. Our mission is to execute our social responsibility in the most effective manner, and to enable a better, more sustainable development and future. Being the General Partner of Institute Atelje Art Murn International London, we are eager to help promote artists and art organisations worldwide. At BTC d.d., we are proud of our achievements in supporting culture and examples of good practices for ensuring a better future for cultural industries.”

HMA Sophie Honey /

CBritish Ambassador to Slovenia /

“I am always delighted to encourage new friendly connections between Slovenia and the UK. In May 2019 HRH the Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex visited Slovenia and celebrated the first UK-Slovenia Friendship Day with President Pahor – underlining the close ties between our countries, from business and security, to the friendly links between our people. These links include, of course, collaboration in the arts and cultural spheres. So I congratulate Institute AAMI for opening a new office in London. London is a global cultural capital and can offer a great starting point for young talents and established artists alike. I hope this new development will bring London and Ljubljana even closer together for artists who are looking to internationalise their work. I wish Miha Murn and Institute AAMI the best of luck.”

Věra Zemanová /

The Ambassador of the Czech Republic to the Republic of Slovenia /

“The artistic project called Bumerang 7 that is based on a cultural exchange between Czech and Slovenian artists and is organized by the AAMI Institute, aims to develop a mutually beneficial cultural cooperation and also revive business and commercial premises in an innovative way. The support and promotion of cooperation in the field of arts and culture between our two nations is also one of the priorities of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Slovenia. I believe that art and culture make life better in many ways by preserving our heritage, bringing an aesthetic dimension to our lives and also helping to establish new contacts for mutual enrichment.”

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Willy Yan Shui Fai /

Director at Kei Yip Offset Printing Co. Ltd. Hong Kong /

“AMMI is a vital demonstration of the generosity and social commitment of artists who know that works of art fire the imagination, inspire possibilities, and simply make the landscape for all kinds of living better. Art not only makes the workplace a more pleasant environment, but it also affirms and makes the important work that we do more meaningful. AMMI indeed is a wonderful platform. Kei Yip Hong Kong is honoured to be associated with them.”

Katja Podlipnik /

Director of the printing services company Nonparel d.o.o. /

“Our country only seems small. It is brimming with ideas, so many that they exceed the breadth of the seas and reach lands far away that remain unreachable to many. However, it is precisely this smallness that makes us big, incomparable, unparalleled and “nonpareil”, which is also what the name of our company suggests. Our country is also a part of this great idea of the AAMI Institute for the first Art Expo Ljubljana in Slovenia. The biggest business opportunities emerge through recommendations and networking. And what is it the secret of successful realization of such a big project? As Winston Churchill once said: “Everyone knew it was impossible. Then one day someone came who did not know, and he did.”

Blaž Golob /

Chairman of Ljubljana forum, CEO at SmartIS City Platform /

“The human mankind is blind without art. Cities become important ecosystems for human creativity. In the city of well-being art is one of the most important pillars for the well-being of the cities. New innovative business models like ART Expo bring the right actors together.”

Mag. Dr. Stb Michael Knaus /

Partner at TPA Slovenia, Botticelli club member /

“I support this project, as culture is the very foundation of our society.”

Janez Podobnik /

Advisor for international relations and politics to Institute, International developer /

“I support this innovative, penetrating and a very ambitious approach of the AAMI Institute that is opening space for several international as well as Slovene artists, who are using different media of expressions, to present their works and their creative activities. This event is strengthening the BTC City as the “city within a city” through emphasizing the creative presence of the artists, those yet to achieve recognition as well as those who are already well known. It is praiseworthy, that the basic concept of the organizer is to build on openness and on creating bonds and connecting everyone who is a part of the global network of “creative industries”. We sincerely hope there will be further editions of the Art Expo because the Slovenian, as well as international cultural creative activities, deserve to be promoted also by the new emerging entities, such as the AAMI Institute. Any kind of support to these activities, be it business, financial or support by the media, is a good investment.”

Barbara Uranjek /

CEO, British-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce /

“Our chamber promotes trade and investment between the UK and Slovenia, and we’re proud that our member Institute AAMI brings art and culture into the world of business. Art is a huge industry in some countries, certainly the UK, which is among the three biggest art markets in the world (the other two being the US and China). British auction houses such as Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Phillips, still dominate the art world, which was valued at 67$billion in 2018, and continue to be one of the biggest drivers of the art market. The opening of an office in London is a great opportunity for AAMI to explore its potential in London, one of the world’s most vibrant art cities.”

Danny Wong /

Advisor for business in Hong Kong and China to Institute /

“AAMI platform is the most energetic, young, modern piece of art I have ever seen.”

Karin van Rooyen-Winkelman /

Honorary Consul of the Republic of Slovenia in the Netherlands /

Living in an era that favors technology and arti cial intelligence, I would like to make a stand for art and creative intelligence. It is my believe that true creativity stems from having the courage to think differently. In- deed, to most artists, musicians, designers the audacity to be extraor- dinary comes naturally. Therefore I support Institute AAMI and hope that they will continue to succeed in promoting art and culture, thus inspiring and connecting people from all over the world.

Mag. Marko Femc /

Director of Plan-net d.o.o. /
Advisor for electric energy and future technology to Institute /

“Plan-net Solar company is pleased to be able to support the project of the AAMI Institute that is organizing the first Art Expo in Ljubljana, as we are aware of how important support is for the new and innovative projects. Every breakthrough of great ideas also depends on the support received in the initial phase of its development, when not many people believe in its success. The field of culture is not an exception to this rule. We believe that the idea to organize the Art Expo is a very courageous one, full of life and thirst for the new to emerge; therefore we decided to support such a big project. May the first Art Expo Ljubljana shine!”

Peter Ilgo /

Honorary Consul of Peru to Slovenia, Botticelli club member /

“I like the idea about the Art Expo at the BTC City in Ljubljana because it offers an exhibition space for visual and other types of artists (young as well as established artists), and promotes also the cooperation among art and entrepreneurship. As some others have already pointed out, the search for new models for exhibiting and for business opportunities is crucial to preserve the existence and to develop all the branches of art in Slovenia and abroad. At the present moment, some might still be sceptical about the process of creating the Art Expo 2017, but tomorrow they will be able to recognize its true value and change their thinking. Perhaps, the reality will compel them to do this. Art might well be a place of individuality, but this does not make cooperation entirely impossible. New models, such as the Art Expo, are creating new ways and opportunities and bring art/culture and entrepreneurship closer together under new rules. The Art Expo presents a change that is about to happen. At this point, I would like to commend the work of the BTC Management for creating an even greater diversity of opportunities in the “city within a city” by supporting such changes.”

Slava Horvat /

Founding partner CHR Partners d.o.o. /

“Culture reflects our values – basic guidelines, ideas and ethical principles of our actions. Art has always consistently challenged, caressed and soothed our feelings when experiencing boldness, bravery and being different. This continually recurring dance of rejection and acceptance gives birth to the new creative ideas, brave approaches and significantly contributes to our ability to free ourselves from the chains of the formal expectations and paves the way to a further, universal development…”The Art Expo is a courageous venture of the AAMI Institute, which has been active in various ways in the fields of social culture and art in the last couple of years. Currently, its members are preparing a unique experience and a display of the creative power of the current artistic potential in Slovenia. We are very grateful to be able to be a part of such an amazing story as our company has been actively involved in the field of establishing and developing of effective leadership competencies in the world of business. We pride on our high personal and professional ethical standards and a firm decision to “inspire people to bring out their best” and our goal is to develop and inspirational approach towards leadership.”

Patricia Gannon /

Senior Partner at Karanović & Nikolić /

”Karanović & Nikolić is a leading regional legal practice which represents the largest, local corporates and global players investing in the former Yugoslavia. With over 180 people working in 6 markets, the firm is leading in its field. Since its establishment in 1995, the importance of giving back to the community has been an integral value of the firm and we recognize that in others we collaborate with. Since opening the office in Slovenia we have supported leading individuals and foundations engaged in broader cultural initiatives. AAMI and Mr. Murn has been one of these institutions. We endorse the aims of developing a broad cultural platform which is open to multicultural and cross dimensional expression. In particular the idea of utilizing all the local resources available in the interest of the broader community and enhancing commercial spaces is appealing to us and our clients. Corporate leaders fully support the long term expression of their clients and the market and in Slovenia, a country at multiple crossroads, we are delighted to support his initiative.”

Artjom Bajdak /

Advisor for business in Russia to Institute AAMI /

“Institute AAMI, established by a Slovenian artist and businessman Miha Murn and his team in 2015, is an important figure in the art world for raising awareness and educating the general public about art, while also offering artists a place for exhibiting, promoting and selling their works. It embraces its own values with the values of the cities they connect with by enabling various local artists that represent the art market to exhibit their work to other artists and art enthusiasts.”

Manica Ferenc /

Marketing Director, Družina d.o.o. /

“Art Expo Ljubljana is an excellent opportunity for young artists to present themselves to Slovenia and the world. The Gallery Družina also gives space to young artists, so the Družina decided to support the ART Expo Ljubljana project as a media partner and help to increase the visibility of the project and its artists.”

Gregor Murn /

Director of MegaGraf d.o.o. /

“I am a constant supporter of art and I have been involved in all the aspects of the broad activities of the AAMI Institute. I can say with a great certainty that the Institute has contributed greatly to connecting culture and art in Slovenia since it was founded. It has also contributed to creating bonds among individuals in all the fields of artistic expression and therefore helped them achieve recognition in Slovenia as well as abroad, where the Institute is represented, and where similar interest groups of different types of artists are also growing quickly. Interlacement of visions, sound realization and ideas, which may seem unbelievable at first, but prove to be extremely fresh, show that AAMI Institute is able to take responsibility for each event they organize. Art can be simple, it can be complex and it can become an unpredictable vision of expression of an individual artist that reaches beyond the monotony of everyday existence.”

Dejan Štancer /

President of the Kazakh-Slovenian Business Club and Chairman of the Regional representative office of the National company Kazakh Invest /

“The story of AAMI Corporation with its platform and projects is a strong chain between business and culture. It is certainly interesting for building a better cultural connection between The Republic of Kazakhstan and The Republic of Slovenia. Our business club KSBC is a strategic partner of Institute AAMI and we are proud of our fruitful professional cooperation. I believe that Astana and Ljubljana can both gain a lot from AAMI cultural innovations.“

Mr. Marcis Laidins /

Art Fairs Service, CEO /

“We are pleased to work with Art Expo Ljubljana. Responsive, friendly and communicative team! We are looking forward to collaborating on future projects.“

Dr. Alja Žorž /

Doctor of science in archaeology /

“Culture is timeless and it is an integral part of many a science. Culture is of vital importance. Like water and air. Our past, our cultural heritage offers us an infinite resource of knowledge of our ancestors; it shows milestones of successes and failures. By absorbing it, we can develop and create a better future. The first Art Expo in Slovenia is definitely one of the milestones of success and an event, where the AAMI Institute will, through approaches of different fields of science, connect, unite and present the one and only global culture, common to all of us. To support this purpose, the archaeologists decided to contribute to the Art Expo programme through a series of lectures on archaeology and archaeological heritage. As explorers of the past, whose main task is to protect the cultural heritage and to present the culture of our ancestors to the public, we are pleased to be a part of this great leap for culture that will most certainly gain a lot of attention also from abroad.”