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AAMI / Cultural Institute for Extravagant World /

Through our years of experience, we have organized, implemented and executed many culture-related projects, approximatelly 200 per year. We organize art exhibitions, presentations, ART talks, showrooms, fashion shows, platform and ART Expo presentations and so on. Every event we organize or participate in is in a way connected to culture.

ART EXPO presents the execution of the whole concept of the AAMI platform and is the biggest event of this sort in Slovenia, which connects different branches of art – from noted to aspiring artists. Each time we aim hgher in organizing ART Expo, with doubling the number of participating creators from countries all over the world, creating even better conditions for aspiring and established artists to represent themselfes and their work, and increasing the number of visitors.

We aim to bring art closer to every individual and incorporate it into everyday life. With that purpose, we created AnB project – Art and Bed – which is a creative way of approaching tourists, visiting countries where our platform is extended, who, more often that not, do not have the time or luxury of visiting galleries and cultural areas during their stay. In cooperation with selected hotels, we provide the interior design with artworks and equip empty spaces with paintings, sculptures and so on. Through this project we are able to bring art closer to tourists and other individuals, extend exhibition space for our participating artists and promote art and culture. Special thought is put on representing slovenian creators as well.

Since we aim to expand AAMI platform of connecting art and business around the world, we began to offer our services abroad. We have successfully broadened our platform to Czech Republic, England and China. With two galleries and offices in Prague, we conduct several exhibitions yearly, and have increased opportunities for presentation, promotion and networking. Recently, we concluded a month-long business and culture delegation in Hong Kong, where we also opened our office and gallery space. Delegations as such, including the ones to India and Amsterdam offer a great opportunity for cooperating creators, business owners, directors, representatives and so on, to participate in the spreading of the AAMI platform, representing themselves, their work and countries abroad and expanding their practice.

Every vision comes from ambition. Our vision is to become the leading organization for the development and systematization of culture in the world. We are convinced that we can make the necessary changes in the modern society with the development of culture.