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AAMI in Moscow /

New Russian Art project organised by AAMI /

We are inviting you to participate in an art project in Moscow, which will happen between 14th and 19th of December 2019. We are presenting AAMI Platform with its artists, clubs, organisations, studios and companies to the modern Moscow market. Russian design and art galleries, auction houses, private art collectors and museums will get a new presentation of AAMI Central Europe members.

Tickets for a cultural spectacle /

ART Expo Ljubljana /

We are inviting you to a cultural spectacle “2. ART Expo Ljubljana”, where you will have the chance of viewing artworks from around 300 international exhibitors. The 5-day-event is an excellent opportunity for a getaway from everyday life into the creative world as you will be mesmerized by artistic creations and will also get to meet many authors in person. The programme will be upgraded with several concerts, lectures, courses and workshops.


TIA Summit Bangalore /

AAMI in India again /

TIA Summit has emerged as a key platform to showcase innovative city based solutions and facilitate partnerships for sustainable urban development. The 3rd edition of The India Advantage Summit (TIA Summit) will be held on 18th & 19th of July 2019 at The Taj Westend, Bengaluru. The 2019 edition aims to deliberate on Society 4.0 and discuss the key aspects driving the future cities. The summit will bring together 350 delegates representing 10 countries with the sessions designed to promote in-depth interactions, exchange of opinions, and networking.

2. ART Expo Ljubljana /

Press conference /

2. ART Expo Ljubljana is coming in September 2019! Through the course of the 5-day event, nearly 300 Slovenian and foreign artists from 30 different countries will present themselves, there will be 70 events and 10.000 expected visitors of the spectacle. All media representatives, journalists, influencers and other interested individuals are invited to 2. ART Expo Ljubljana press conference, which will be held in diVino Restaurant & Bar in Crystal Palace, BTC City, on August 27th at 12 P.M. At the event we will present all information and event programme and gladly answer all your questions about the largest arts-and-culture event in September. You can apply to the event by e-mail: [email protected]. Kindly invited!

Miha Murn /

Exhibition /

It is with great excitement that we can announce the solo exhibition of Miha Murn – »Sic Transit Gloria Mundi«, which will take place in the Crystal Palace lobby (BTC City Ljubljana) from June 3rd to 10th, 2019. Miha Murn is a versatile artist with a distinctive style, who likes to push boundaries and provoke the public. He creates paintings, drawings, sculptures and other artworks. There are more than 4.000 works in his opus and some of the best will be showcased at the upcoming exhibition. Don`t miss out on this unique artistic journey!

New AAMI partner in Dubai /

Helping promoting artists on UAE market /

AAMI Corporation is proud to announce that Millennium Atria Business Bay Hotel has become our new partner in Dubai. This luxury hotel will be hosting our exhibition »AAMI Desert Winds« and has shown great interest in combining arts with business as well as in enriching their hotel programme with cultural content. We are most excited about this future collaboration!

Sell your artworks /

Apply today and exhibit on expo /

The main part of the expo will be located in the “Steklena Hall” of the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre whereas additional cultural events and exhibitions will take place in BTC City Ljubljana. More than 50 events will enrich the broad palette of exhibitors from Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Kazakhstan, Peru, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey, China, Hungary, Brazil, Japan, Netherlands and other countries.


GABERI sculptures

AAMI Artist of the month /

Gaberi Sculptures are an important part of the European public space. Created from bronze they stand before legendary European universities and enrich their surrounding with powerful messages. They have impact on the same public space, which has formed and affected our lives throughout history and is gaining more and more influence on the quality of being in modern times. This is why the responsibility of those who create and design public space is even larger. Gaberi with his woman emphasizes the need to rebuild the attitude towards women as their nature is closest to the Universe. She decides of life, loves and forgives in the same way in which mother Earth does. Will public space be able to endure woman in all her beauty and mildness tomorrow?

AAMI Times /

News from the world from AAMI culture /

AAMI TIMES will include Institute AAMI news and other articles from the global art world, such as fashion industry, graphic design, painting, sculpturing, film industry, poetry, writing, music etc. Articles of different domestic and foreign artists will also be a part of this newspaper, along with breaking news of the Slovenian and global artistic and cultural scene. AAMI TIMES will be available in printed and e-form. It will be issued in May 2019 for the first time.

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AAMI Barevné výzvy /

Once again, Institute AAMI is returning to Prague with the exclusive exhibition Barevné výzvy. Another showcase of talented artists and their artworks will take place at the Slovanský dům shopping centre, which is a great location for promotion of art. The exhibition will be on display from October to December 2019. Join us and exhibit your works of art in one of the most renounced European metropolises of art!

AAMI Hong Kong II /

As a city, where one of AAMI branch institutes is based, it is only natural, that another exhibition is organized in this art metropolis. From April 27th to May 6th 2019, over 20 Slovenian artists will present their artworks to the art-enthusiastic Asian public. On this occasion, Institute AAMI will also issue an official catalogue of the exhibition, presenting the exhibiting artists with their artworks. The catalogue will be distributed to all AAMI partners and customers during the Hong Kong delegation, which will take place at the same time as the exhibition. Institute AAMI is very excited about returning back to this amazing city with a new, fresh exhibition.

AAMI Shenzhen /

One of the fastest growing and ever-evolving Asian cities, Shenzhen, is definitely an intriguing destination for Institute AAMI activities. As a world’s leading global technology hub, the city presents a huge market for European art. As a part of AAMI delegation to Hong Kong, a few authors will have a chance to present their talent also in Shenzhen. Along with the exhibition, also a catalogue will be issued, presenting AAMI artists and their artworks. The catalogue will also be distributed in Shenzhen Art Village, which is one of world’s biggest art centres, housing more than 5000 artists. Institute AAMI is more than ready to conquer the next Asian city.

AAMI Auction Catalogue /

Institute AAMI proudly presents AAMI Auction Catalogue – featuring the best artworks by AAMI artists, the catalogue offers a unique collection of finest works from paintings to sculptures, graphics, industrial designs, photographs, antiques etc. All of the artworks, presented in the catalogue are for public sale and we strongly believe, that every person will find something of their interest in AAMI Auction Catalogue, presenting more than 100 works of art. Get your edition of the catalogue and discover new dimensions of art in this AAMI “best of” publication.

“AAMI has new Cultural Attache” /

Representing KSBC Club and Kazakh Invest /

This week our AAMI founder Mr. Miha Murn had the honour to become Cultural Attache of Kazakh-Slovenian Business Club, that is Regional Representative of the National Company of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kazakh Invest. He will represent Culture of Kazakhstan in more than 15 countries and help Central Europe Cultural Organisations to present themselves in Republic of Kazakhstan. We would like to thank Mr. Dejan Štancer for his effort at KSBC to achieve this.

“AAMI Pall Mall London” /

In collaboration with British-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce /

London, the metropolis of arts, culture and business is definitely a top-notch destination for art exhibitions and events. Institute AAMI most proudly presents our AAMI Gallery 116 Pall Mall, located just minutes from the Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus. This monumental building is a striking example of gorgeous Georgian architecture, exposed on five floors with a capacity of welcoming up to 1.500 guests. The inside of the building is embellished with luxurious furnishing and decoration, making it a perfect space for our A-list exhibitions of AAMI artists. The venue is bound to host AAMI group exhibitions for special events, such as the Christmas gala in November 2018.

AAMI Art weekend in Paris /

15. 2. – 17. 2. 2019 /

Paris, the global metropolis of arts and culture is inviting millions of tourists every year to enjoy interesting museums, breathtaking cuisine, romantic walks and vivid nightlife. And what better location than Paris could we choose for our AAMI art trip? We are organizing a 3-day expedition, involving guided tours of museums and galleries, accompanied by a discussion with AAMI team members, which will be sharing their knowledge about arts with the participants. It will be a weekend, full of adventures, great company, gaining new knowledge and enjoying the majestic capital of France. “Join in and experience Paris through AAMI art trip!”

ART Expo Ljubljana /

BTC City Ljubljana / September 2019 /

The coming ART Expo Ljubljana will take place in a closed space, where every exhibitor will have a possibility of his own exhibiting wall and exhibition area. From 12th to 16th of September 2019 around 300 domestic and foreign creators will be able to present their talent during an intense arts and culture happening. Authors from different branches of art are all invited to participate: painters, sculptors, fashion designers, graphic designers, industrial designers, costume designers, dancers, poets, writers, actors and directors etc. ART Expo will take place in the BTC City area in a closed space. We are most pleased that we can arrange a spot among the best also to less known and established aspiring artists. The choice of exhibiting artists will be selective, therefore we ask you to send your portfolio to: [email protected] in order to apply.

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Painting and drawing courses /

With academic painter Nuša Smolič /

Learning how to paint and draw offers us immense pleasure. This program is set up for those, who have already been painting and drawing as well as for the beginners, which wish to gain knowledge of this art field. During the course, the participants practice different painting techniques, such as acquarels, acrylic paintings, pastel paintings etc. Throughout the course, you will gain all the basic knowledge, which is required to continue your own artistic development and work. The course takes place in an individual environment or smaller groups (maximum 10 participants), which allows an individual approach and corrections, suited to an individual and essential for developing your own artistic language and interpretation. The session duration is 2,5 hours (price for one session is 55 eur + VAT 22%). All the literature and material is included in the price. We offer 20% discount to the members of Botticelli and Salvador club.

Applications for the course: [email protected].

Painting and drawing courses

DUBAI 2019 /

AAMI deserts winds art exhibition /

One of the most renounced cultural centres of the Middle East, Dubai, will be hosting a high-end exhibition of Institute AAMI. It is a perfect place for presenting artworks as the city is constantly developing, evolving business-wise and sheltering numerous new initiatives. This luxurious exhibition will be presenting AAMI artists as a part of AnB project. The prices for exhibiting vary from 220€ to 620€ + VAT and we are accepting applications until the end of January 2019.

AAMI Astana /

In March 2020 AAMI is spreading its activity to one of the most controversial cities in the world. Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, is a mixture of both Soviet character and modern unconventional vibe. In October 2018, Institute AAMI founder and director, Mr. Miha Murn, was named the Cultural Attache of Kazakh-Slovenian Business Club, which is a Regional Representative of the National Company of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kazakh Invest. In the light of this fact, Institute AAMI is pleased and excited to present our first exhibition in Astana as a sign of the emerging connection between Slovenian and Kazakh art and business.

“AAMI skleněný hranol” /

Prague /

Since being founded in the 9th century, Prague has always been a cradle of culture and home to many outstanding artists. Institute AAMI proudly presents the exhibition “AAMI skleněný hranol” in one of the most beautiful Prague`s galleries – Slovansky dum. We will gladly open the exhibition on October 27th in the company of our business partners, which will be visiting Prague as a part of AAMI business delegation. The presentation of the new AAMI gallery and the exhibition itself will take place until the end of December.


AAMI partner gallery in Amsterdam /

DE BOUWPUT is the gallery and community space of ‘Broedplaats BOUW’, which is an artist building and self regu- lating artist foundation in Amsterdam. DE BOUWPUT is an initiative of artists Peim van der Sloot and Marnix Postma, two members of the programming committee of the foundation. With the gallery space we strive to present work made by the artists within the foundation, artists that work in the various maker spaces we offer in the building and selected artists from outside.



Modern white galaxy for artworks /

Institute AAMI is placing one of its biggest international exhibitions so far in the world metropolis of art and fashion. AAMI artists – all from painters to designers will be presenting their most diverse artworks during an AAMI pop-up gallery, set up in Milan city centre. »AAMILANO« official catalogue will be issued for this opportunity, presenting the participating artists with their artworks, AAMI platform and general partner of Institute AAMI, BTC City. The exhibiting authors are: Jur Samec, Helena Srakar, Matejka Pečar, Boštjan Pavlič, Jana Dolenc, Marina Dereviankina, Vesna Arko, Maja Gavriloska Lesjak, Dragan Sakovič, Marko Repše, Irena Štangelj Pavlakovič, Boleslav Čeru, Olga Kolenc, Karmen Češnovar, Ljiljana Lisjak, Romana Žitko, Polona Pavliha, Ravnik Janez, Vojko Gašperut, Jure Kralj, Darja Rupnik, Leonida Justinek, Miha Murn, Damijana Bijek, Milena Šimunič, Marjan Auguštin, Nuša Smolič, Danijela Šraj, Tetyana Donets Savko, Lija Verneli, T design, Eva Mesec, Bigbuddy, Elena Sofia Seničar, Peppermilk.

Extravagante AAMI welt Wien /

Vienna has always been a centre of European culture, where the rich bourgeoisie was constantly battling the impacts of the modern world. The city is known as »Mecca« of arts and culture. Institute AAMI was invited to participate in the renounced »Complexity Science Hub « event, where we will present the artworks of some of AAMI´s authors in a short three day exhibition. The participating artists are: Aleksander Baumkirher, Matejka Pečar, Boleslav Čeru, Simona Černe, Bogdan Soban, Vojko Gašperut, Tetyana Donets Savko, Jur Samec, Marinka Amon, Neva Grce, Milena Šimunič, Nuša Smolič, Tilen Žbona and Miha Murn.


Prepaid AAMI commission sales /

Lower prices till December 2018 /

The AAMI Platform offers you sale of your design products, paintings, drawings, books, photographs, sculptures and much more. We offer you prepaid commission sales in many of our showrooms and galleries in Slovenia. An artist or a brand pays us a symbolic amount for presenting work and the artist itself for one year. When we find a company or a person, which is interested in buying these goods, the artist or the organisation takes care of the payments and transactions alone and they keep all 100% from the sales. Until December, we offer a deal of one year promotion for only 99,00 EUR ( + VAT 22% ) for artists with 4 presented works. For companies and organisations we offer prices from 120,00 EUR ( + VAT 22% ) to 780,00 EUR ( + VAT 22% ) per year, depending on the number and sizes of their artworks.

Amsterdam – Dronken Panda /

Crazy exhibition by AAMI /

Amsterdam, the cradle of European art is hosting a special exhibition of Institute AAMI in collaboration with AGA LAB. From October 16th to 23rd, artworks from different origins will be presented at the “Dronken panda” exhibition. The exhibition will be placed inside the AGA LAB complex, which makes it a perfect location, because the institution itself is a creative space, where artists of all fields and branches get the opportunity to specialize and experiment with their talent. AGA LAB is full of creative professionals, artists, designers etc., who all strive towards social development and is therefore a perfect location for an exhibition of AAMI artists.

AAMI in Ibiza /

Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean, known for parties and diverse cultural scene. Several locations invite culture lovers to endure in the beauty of art. Ibiza is the next spot for AAMI exhibition, where we will be presenting artworks from our artists in the duration of one week. The exhibiting authors will be: Natalija Horjak, Andreja Verderber, Blaž Kastelic, Matejka Pečar, Marina Dereviankina, Milena Šimunič, Paul Ruiz Neira, Miha Murn and Nuša Smolič.


AAMI & TIA Summit /

Bangalore / Julij 2018 /

Art is now waiting to get closer to people and to become even more modern, that is why we and our general partner, BTC d.d., have decided that we have to be a part of one of the best world‘s summits, “The India Advantage Summit” in Bangalore. We are once again presenting Slovenia to new lands, this time to the mighty India, which represents one of the fastest growing countries in modern times. With its rich history and cultural background, it is a perfect point for presenting our AAMI platform concept. We are thankful to Mr. Jose Jacob Kalayil for this new TIA Summit partnership and for new experience. As we are searching for new opportunities in India, we are also opening a new way to the market for our AAMI artists from many countries and our business partners.