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Ben Watkinson – Juno Reactor /

Artist, musician /

“Music brings people together. It brought us together in a collaboration with Nuša Smolič, project manager at AAMI. I was pleased to be invited to the AAMI Times for an interview. AAMI Corporation is a company that combines business with culture and because I am an artist, I was attracted to this kind of collaboration and I enjoyed to premiere my story in their interview. What I like most is that they combine all kinds of arts, from music, to the creative, video arts, fashion industries … Quality, energy and boldness are very important to the business. My music, concerts and albums collaborations are performed all over the world. I receive amazing feedback from people, and this is the main reason why I enjoy writing and playing to live audiences. Since my connections to Slovenia are very close, I see great potential on the cultural and social scene. I think that AAMI has all of these qualities and I support them in the idea and their platform. At ART Expo Ljubljana, their biggest project, I wish them well and congratulate them on their implementation and courageous approaches, both on the Slovenian market and abroad!”

Karolina Wozniak – Kawai Art Gallery

Top model, gallerist /

“As we would love to exposure the beauty of Polish art around the world, connecting with AAMI for the 2. ART Expo Ljubljana is a big privilege for us as well as an opportunity to make our international ranges bigger. We are excited to collaborate with new artists and art galleries from all over the world.”

Jiří David /

Czech photographer and artist /

“World of Art organizes various biennales of various quality, various meanings and of different reasons. I have personally attended several of those interesting art biennales. Most recently in Venice in 2017(Czech-Slovak Pavilion). And right at this Biennale, I have met some of the people who are currently working on Art Expo 2017 in Ljubljana. I believe that meaning and quality of this art expo will not be vain and its audience will be appreciative and therefore bring it again in the future.”

Jasna Kralj Pavlovec /

Architect_Designer_Artist_Lecturer /

“Institute AAMI are people with a passion for work and they are deeply dedicated to the arts and artists. Their personal approach, full of energy and enthusiasm for the ART Expo Ljubljana project, convinced me that it is a great privilege to be part of the Institute and their wider artistic family.”

Sana Maarrawi /

What I admire the most about AAMI is not only their professionalism and dedication but also their energy and enthusiasm towards what they do. AAMI’s fresh concept of creating a community where art and culture merge at the purest level is what makes them unique and different from all the other art corporations in the art scene. Working with AAMI is truly a great experience and I look forward to more to come.

Nada Tomažič /

Artist /

I would like to sincerely thank you for the opportunity of presenting myself as a painter and my artworks at the 2. ART Expo Ljubljana. For me, this was an unforgettable experience. I gained a totally new perspective on my works as the clientele at the event was totally different than usual. Although I was not successful at sales, I received tons of praise and positive comments. I also received some negative critiques but this is a good motivation for the future and totally what I needed. As I have pointed out many times, I am not capable of financing participation at such events on my own. I am convinced that you are well aware of the circumstances in Slovenia and how most people comprehend art. Considering that fact, Institute AAMI is an excellent ambassador of changing the perception of culture and art in Slovenia. Congratulations! I hope that slowly the mindset of people and acknowledgement of art in Slovenia is changing, also in “Štajerska” region.

Tao Chi /

A living thing or being must work to avoid decay and disorder. To do that, a living thing or being has to create a system, which can carry information about how to evolve in a quality system. This information must evolve by natural selection… With this explanation of natural mechanization, I wanted to announce, that I feel exactly this natural (life) mechanism in the collaboration with Institute AAMI. Each of us needs support and people who compose AAMI, are truly capable of giving this support. Thank you all!

Loredana Zega /

I am new to AAMI and yet I have already been involved in several projects: Maribor, Dubai and looking forward to 2. ART Expo Ljubljana, where I will exhibit my work and also have a presentation of the calligraphy art. AAMI is a platform that helps promote artists and connect the interesting parts, which is a fresh approach and a welcoming idea for the artists!

Rajko Požar /

I’m so happy and grateful that I joined with Institute AAMI team and that I became a member of the Salvador Club.
They are key partners that provide essential help to employees and members of the club to present themselves and their artworks around the world. Together with partners and company`s involvement we can improve wellbeing.

Siniša Kulašević /

About ten years ago, a certain need for creation snug into my life. Since then it has become an integral part of my everyday life and makes me incredibly happy and fulfilled. I often get friends, acquaintances and various people coming by my atelier. They all say I should show my work to the world, so that other people would also see it and enjoy. My attempts so far were only stabs in the dark. I’m not some “famous name”. Then suddenly, I have seen a bright door – AAMI. Thank you for shining light on my work!

Neja Zupan /

My first encounter with Institute AAMI was in the beginning of the year 2019. I am a student, drawing portrait caricatures in my free time and I know firsthand how hard it is to make it and get noticed. I am extremely thankful to each and everyone of the AAMI group for recognizing the talent in me, giving me the chance to showcase my work in a student budget friendly kind of way and pushing me to grow and step out as a unique artist that I am. I would say their number one pro is that the group is made of young individuals, everyone of them, no matter the busy schedule, very distinct and driven to achieve success. I most of all appreciate their ability to see the potential in so many kinds of artwork, whether it is a classic oil painting or a digital collage.

instagram: artbyneja

Jur Samec /

Painter /

“I first encountered Institute AAMI in January 2017, when we started collaborating – mainly because of their serious and professional approach to the development and connecting of culture, art and business. Their approach is definitely something fresh and new, according to the current situation on the Slovenian arts and culture scene. They shook it and turned it upside down, which made quite a lot of people upset – especially journalists, art historians and art critics. I personally love their platform and therefore gladly collaborate with Institute AAMI, because they are an independent institution. There is no need to mix arts and craft, but both spheres definitely deserve to be appreciated more and this can be achieved mutually or partially. Presenting both of them to Slovenian public is urgent and AAMI is doing a marvellous job.”

Nevena Kralj /

Painter /

“Collaboration and socializing with fellow creators in an artistic surrounding is always welcome. This is how new aspects from different point of view are evolved and this way personal creations become much more creative.”

Leonida Justinek /

Designer /

“The art of fused glass, through which Leonida Justinek expresses herself, is a premeditated exploration of new and new visions through the meaningfulness of shapes, colours and symbols, which express themselves in a subtle way through glass paintings and sculptures of the Leoni Art Glass brand. The collaboration with AAMI is successful on the long run as they are always evolving with new and innovative projects, in which they represent artists in Slovenia and abroad. They successfully combine the creative expression of artists with all who appreciate the nobleness of cultural communication and who listen and seek for appropriate ways of collaboration, which unite us with human warmth and bring us successful connections on the field of artistic expression.”

Andreja Hiti /

AHZ Design /

“Institute AAMI is helping artists to achive success by showing our work to the word. They help you choose the right place and time for your exhibition. The best thing about experience is connecting with other artists and seeing their point of view. Founders of AAMI never forget you and always have a chat with you no matter where and when you meet them (busy time or free time) and they make you feel like one of them. In two words: art and friendship.”

Bogdan Soban /

Digital graphic artist /

“I first encountered Institute AAMI at last year`s ART Expo, where I was participatinmg with my own artworks. It may be the fact that the location of expo in »tents« wasn`t the best idea, but I really have to compliment all of AAMI team, which were so engaged in making the event work, especially when we were so unlucky with the weather. I was fascinated by the sight of Institute director, Mr. Murn, who was fixing the surrounding of the tents, in boots with a shovel in his hands. When we continued collaborating later, something went wrong regarding my exhibition in BTC City, but we managed to resolve the issue in a way beneficial to both sides as Institute AAMI showed so much understanding (especially Nuša Smolič). A couple of days ago, we set up an exhibition of my paintings in Maxi Club and therefore I can only say that I am looking forward to future collaboration with Institute AAMI.”

Snežana Grabljevec /

Ažens Art /

“AAMI is like a fresh breeze – new energy, new approach… I am glad for being able to sollaborate with a team of young enthusiasts, which (despite their youth) show a high level of professionalism and also a kind approach. My compliments!”

Blaž Kastelic /

Tattoo /

“My vision was always turned to art, bodyart, tattoos. I got interested in bodypainting in 2011, when I did the first one on 1. Slovenian Tattoo Convention in Celje, also in 2011 I got apprenticeship in tattoo shop, owned by Robert Turkovič Turko Tattoo. So now I am working as airbrush artist, bodypainting artist and tattoo artist and I think that Institute AAMI is presenting art to people in an excellent and accessible way.”

Janez Ovsec /

Painter /

“I ran into Institute AAMI by coincidence (seems like a lucky one, though), when I found an announcement for ART Expo 2017 while surfing the web. Because I am very interested in art, as well as creativity and exhibiting, I contacted them. They convinced me with their excitement about the ART Expo 2017 project, with their energy and courage to achieve something extraordinary. In the beginning, it seemed like they would need more experience, but they are developing their skills rapidly – skills, which are a must in the modern way of communication with artists, art lovers and of course potential buyers. We are all one big group, breathing the same air, which is given to us by creative thinking and doing. Make it last.”

Boštjan Pavlič /

Paulio Bastelli /

“Simply put, Institute AAMI is noted by a character, which is profiled by shape and esthetic value. Vision intertwined with the ambition of future.”

Milena Šimunič /

Painter /

“I am a member of the Salvador club. Institute AAMI offers opportunities to all artists from different directions to present themselves at various locations. I salute the concept of the expanded platform, outside of Slovenian borders. This way I got a chance of exhibiting in Prague and Hong Kong.”

Romana Žitko /

Painter /

“It is a huge honour for me, that this year I was invited to become a member of the Salvador club, founded by the unique and young team of Institute AAMI. I believe in their vision, because I feel that I can trust them. It is great, that they are helping also less established authors to promote and sell their works.”

Dare Birsa /

Artist and pedagogue /

“We welcome every initiative, undertaken to promote art, and in this case also because of a different, very innovative approach. It seems as if there has always been a big invisible barrier between the Slovenian art and its public, and the modern ways of presenting art are making it seem even bigger by evoking the feeling that art is not for everyone. Perhaps this is a consequence of a lack of basic education in this field, of being unaccustomed to such practices, or having an unusual tradition. However, our approach can make culture a part of anyone’s life. This is not a new universal model, but something that can complement activities of galleries and museums (and vice versa) and create a new field of content at the BTC City. Many people spend several hours a day in the BTC City, either working or shopping … ”


Jan Rasiewicz – Rasko /

Painter, member of the Salvador Club and the AAMI Institute /

“In all these years since I started creating, I have not been able to avoid the impression that Slovenian art is somewhat isolated, especially visual art. It is very difficult for young and talented visual artists to establish themselves in Slovenia. This is one of the main reasons why I focused on the foreign markets, where a lot more of my works are sold than in my home country. When AAMI team invited me to participate and when I saw a presentation of their projects, I immediately sensed that a fresh new wind of change has come to the Slovenian cultural realm. This young and enthusiastic team, full of fresh ideas and different approaches, strives to bring art and culture closer to the people in an innovative and entertaining way. We should establish new bonds among each other and, of course, also connect to our audiences. It will be extremely beautiful to see so many creators in one place.”

Vesna Arko /

Painter /

“The Institute AAMI team has surprised me with their openness and easiness, but at the same time their professional and dedicated approach. Most of all I appreciate the fact, that they bravely follow their vision and always look outside the box. They prove, that art can be connected to different fields and that art doesn`t serve only its` sole purpose. I think, that with their innovative approach, they have surprised many authorities on the Slovenian art scene, which is pretty conservative, and I like the fact that they acknowledge constructive criticism and boldly defy those, who see no future in their platform.”

Natalija Horjak /

Painter /

I am honoured to be able to become a member of your Salvador Club and would like to take this opportunity to say a few words about me, even though my preferred medium is the paintbrush. My name is Natalija Horjak and I was born in a small town called Celje in Alpine Slovenia. I am currently employed as an accountant. However, my creative soul is never as active as when I draw. My hands seem to glow the moment I gently pick up the canvas and brush. I enjoy painting with acrylic and watercolours. My current focus is painting mandalas, geometric shapes. You can find me under the name Solar Mandale.

Gašper Dolinar /

Painter /

Collaborating with AAMI Institute brings an excellent starting point for every artist, allowing us to have various exhibitions and being able to sell our artworks. Establishing connections with creators and lovers of art is also a very important factor and AAMI brings that to us in a very professional and reachable way.

Mitek /

Artist /

A positive atmosphere, an international approach and impressive track record of dedication for executed projects convinced me easily to join the ever-growing AAMI family. Enthusiastically we are marching together and spreading our artistic excitement throughout the world!