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One of Institute AAMI’s main activities is promoting and representing artists on the art and business market. We offer our clients a chance to make new business acquaintances, present themselves in the media, seize new opportunities and market their best products. By that, we are actualising our belief that art can be turned into a profitable business as well. Artists can sell their work directly to the customer. The earnings from sold artworks go 100% to the artists as Institute AAMI does not take any provision. We operate on a prepaid basis. Authors from different branches of art are all invited to participate: painters, sculptors, fashion designers, graphic designers, industrial designers, costume designers, dancers, poets, writers, actors and directors etc. We want to present artists at their best, that is why our selection of artists is based on the topic of event and the benefits it brings to both sides.

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Amon Marinka

Marinka Amon was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia before 71 years. She is of Slovenian nationality, now living in Ljubljana. Painting was her great wish from the early years, but life is merry-go-round and is not always taking its way against the wishes. So she started paint- ing some years before her retirement, about 20 years ago. All these years she is painting in the group under the mentorship of the aca- demic painter. In the past, the group organized numerous painting exhibitions.

Alič Mirnes

AMart is a creation of the love that artist Mirnes Alič feels for stone; it is a path taken by the heart that loves life, play, freedom, simplicity and communion with nature. When creating and crafting, he plays with stone, explores it, listens to it and feels it. The material itself guides him towards the design and shows him its hidden secrets, creating a game of interaction in form, hidden from view at first. The sculptures reflect his views on relations towards life and nature where all beings are equal and unique.

Anikis Skušek Nik

Nik Anikis Skušek graduated from two academies. With Master’s Degree on Academy of Fine Arts Ljubljana and Bachelor’s degree from Angel Academy of Art in Florence. He worked as a principle teacher on Classic Art Academy in Holland and as a drawing teacher on Angel Academy of Art. He is a recipient of many Slovenian and international rewards and won an Honorable Mention on Art Renew- al Center International Salon Com- petition in 2017. His work was ex- hibited around the globe in cities like New York, London, Barcelona and Prague and in countries like Holland, Greece and Slovenia.

Arazyan Bagrat / Armenia

Bagrat Arazyan, Artist, designer, curator, musician, philosopher. Born in 1958 in Yerevan, Armenia. Lives and works in Slovenia, Russia, Lithuania. Since1994co-organizerofthe“Modius” galleryanddesign-studio.Works in the intersection of various media ranging from traditional techniques to modern multimedia practices. One in the first in Russian Art, who be- gan to develop monumental works made by digital technology. Works much at the problem of human relationships since early 2000. The inter- net space is an area of his research into development of the principles, put into the basis of inter-relations (viewed as Art). Further on, in his curatorial projects he pays attention to invisible human relations, formed in the pro- cess of work at large-scale projects with a great deal of participants.

Arko Vesna

Vesna is a painter that started her creative path as a store window display designer. In her artistic challenges, she is led by simple aesthetics and innovation. She watches the surroundings from afar as well as more close up, sometimes with a hint of criticism, but always fascinated by detail and texture created by nature. Using oil painting techniques she would like to encourage the admiration of the shapes, colours, combinations and intertwinements that other- wise escape most people. At the same time she selects everyday details with great care and critically mirrors today’s society.

Auguštin Marjan

Slovenian born, 30 something artist, creating modern pieces that portray mayhem, debris formed by society. Aspiring to stimulate one’s feeling and thoughts. I never received any formal training by an institute, but I have been passionate about art and creating ever since I was eleven years of age.



Babnik Teja / Nakiteya

My story began in 2007 when I was attacked by unpleasant disease – breast cancer which had stopped my stressed life – crazy rhythm which commanded my life. I have successfully fought the disease and in the meantime started to participate in all kinds of jewellery courses, workshops, drawing… The most important in my manufacturing is – CRACKED TECHNOLOGY – unique technique cracking gold or silver leaves on jewellery which is not part of the standard procedure, but a little differently. With wooden accessories or add-ons felt formed is made a unique jewellery which is a light, warm and pleasant to the touch. I have obtained Certificate of the Slovenian Chamber of Craft Ljubljana, – HANDICRAFTS ART&CRAFT SLOVENIA.

Bachuľak Michal / Czech Rep.

I was born in Prague, but I grew up in Slovakia and live in the Czech Republic.I have been drawing by my self since child- hood but have been training more intensive lately. I focus mainly on modern art and I pre- fer graphite media. I draw feel- ings, moments, emotions and what interests me in general.

Baumkirher Aleksander

He has an artists soul since he remembers. He doesn ́t have any formal education except primary school. He is all on his own, and learns everywhere he can. Ten years back he became in- terested and attracted to draw mandalas, yantras, visions. Until that time his creativity was more or less in a sleep mode. But now, for last two years, it is more intense in its ways. Beside that he was going through some transformation and much is still happening in this ways. It ́s time to bring his art to the surface. As a person he is more of a sensual and dreamy guy. He is hap- py to share what his art has to offer to the world.

Belsky Eduard / Ukraine

Edward Belsky is one of the most popular and established contemporary Ukrainian artists. Born in 1963 in a provin- cial region of Volyn, Edward was educated at the National School of Art, Art College (Dnepropetrovsk), and Ukrainian Art Academy in Kiev. A unique combination of the best tra- ditions of Ukrainian painting with a great influence of the French School has made his style brilliantly original and allowed him to gain enormous interest all over the world.

Berce Marinka

Marinka Berce is self-taught creator born in 1942. She is in involved in clay product design. She makes different artworks from pots, neck- laces, bowls to vases. She was a mentoree under Saša Ambrožič, Eva Mazi and Bojana Koželj. Marinka is well known for her organic lines and inconspicuous colours.

Berden Tjaša

All Natural soaps Geranium are homemade and 100% natural, made from natural plant ingredients. The advantage of natural soaps is plant glycerin, which regulates humidity on the skin. Natural soaps Geranium does not contain artificial perfumes, detergents, synthetic dyes and perfumes. They do not contain preservatives because vegetable and essential oils are a natural preservative. We use olive oil, jojoba oil, hemp oil, coconut, palm oil, 100% natural essential oils and herbs. The cold pressed natural essential oils are added to nourish the skin. The added essential oils give soap a scent and, depending on the odor, they work either relaxing or invigorating. All these carefully selected ingredients ensure that soaps gently cleanses and nourishes the skin. Soaps are not tested on animals. On the basis of the expert opinion issued by the Commission of the Chamber of Craft of Slo- venia, Natural soaps Geranium are among the products of Slovenian art crafts and bear the certificate of Crafts.

Bevc Kristina

Kristina Bevc, born in 1978, lives in Slovenia and she’s presenting her creative work under the name of Pronima. In her work she stepped away from a generally assumed realism and embraced the more dy- namic, symbolical expression. Her works in mixed technique (mostly acrylic and markers) thus transcend from paintings into the illustra- tive imagery. She also creates graphics in linocut. Kristina’s fairytale images address the viewer with its simple form. Organic shapes of her motifs and the warm with energy filled colours bring up in the viewer a sense of calmness, happiness and feel good sensation.

Bijek Damijana

Damijana Bijek, a graduate painter, was born on 16th March 1985 in Novo mesto, Slovenia. Deep inside, she always felt a desire to express herself in bright, vigorous colours. By creating, she displays the inner views of the world, introducing the sentience of surroundings. She has been imprinted by circles, which she refers to as the unfinished whole that constantly continues and ascents. Her most important expositions were held in Predjama Castle in Postojna, at the seat of the Ministry of Defence, in Ljubljana University Medical Centre, on Croatian island Rab, on Sinji vrh – the Artists for Karitas and in a luxury department store Galerija Emporium, Milano, Prague, Germany, Austria, Croatian…

Birsa Dare

Born in 1958 in region of Prekmurje (Slovenia), finished the studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana in 1987 and specialised the studies on department of graphics on ALU Ljubljana for additional two years. Lives and works in Ljubljana as freelance artist and from 2010 as a collaborating professor on University of Ljubljana (Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engeneering, Faculty of Health Sciences, Accademy of Fine Arts and Design) and on Faculty of Design, Associated Member of University of Primorska.

Bizjak Jurij

Although I studied geology, this is not the field I work in for a living. And although I photograph a lot, I am not a photographer by profession. I am, however, someone who likes to capture images of reality: an amateur photographer. I was born in the era of analogue technology, and although my interest in photography began stirring at that time, I was still far more interested in late Friday nights. And so, instead of spending gold-lit mornings on photo-jaunts, I usually let myself be lulled into the land of dreams. Recently, my passion has moved away from the concert stages and I began focusing on urban motifs. These lend themselves well to sleepyheads and are there to be photographed wonderfully at any time of the day.

Blenkuš Rok

Rok Blenkuš was born into this world on January 13th, 1970. He hated primary school until he met his first unconventional artist – an art teacher who saw nothing wrong of covering everything in the room with colour. Blenkuš loves everything that is not ordinary. He wanted to be a physicist, chemist, architect, doctor, painter… He spent two years drawing cubes, balls and other wiry objects at the art academy. His first nudes were those of homeless people from Ljubljana. He finished an MBA and Masters degree in business, became a businessman, and can now afford really good painting materials. He survived socialism and cancer. His slavic coolness was mellowed by Greece and Cyprus. Blenkuš says he paints listening to electronic beats, never gets tired of the future, and will probably never grow up to be a boring adult. He loves art more than his life.

Bottoni Giuseppe & Bottoni Michele / Italy

The combination is unusual but aims to challenge the market: from the experience in luxury car industry combined with the italian craftsmanship starts Avéva, an experimental laboratory set up in Ferrara, between Rimini and Venice, for the production of uncon- ventional jewelery. Original fashion accessories made of titanium, carbon fiber and genuine leather, inspired by “Beauty of Speed”, developing futuristic shapes. True jewels with sophisticated lines, modeled by Italian artisans with multi-year experiences in Lambo- rghini and Pagani Automobili.

Bučar Dominika & Bučar Katarina

Boo is a design label founded by two sisters, dominika and katarina bučar in january 2016. It all started with a simple handmade draw- string backpack named boopack. Boo expresses a clean, minimal and modern style and at the same time stands out in its distinc- tiveness and uniqueness. Boo handmade leatherette and leather goods are designed in the capital city of slovenia, ljubljana.

Burlina Katerina / Ukraine

Kateryna Burlina, born in Kiev,Ukraine 1977. Studied in Kiev State Art School, Graduated from Ukrainian Academy of Arts in 2000. Today she lives and works in Slovenia.



Cah Žerovnik Vlasta

It was in the 70’s when a student of college for design (SŠOF) was a part of artistic formation for wall paintings of Ljubljana’s discotheque Rožna dolina. Vlasta was an as- sistant of Zmago Modic, today one of the most well-known slovene painters. After 30 years working as a fashion illus- trator and designer – she is an independent employee of majority of the biggest slovene print media as a journalist, columnist and publicist – Vlasta again started to follow her desire for creating her own visual story. That includes glass mosaic paintings with a topic of a spiral, exclusive re-design of clothes, furniture and accessories for home.

Cannalire Olivera / Serbia

Artist born in Belgrade, Serbia. Lives and works in relation between Peru – Spain -Serbia – Slovenia.

Cigale Alenka

She lives in beautiful nature, on a turistic farm. Since 2010 the material in which she expresses her thaughts and sentiences is clay. Lately she is in- creasingly researching and experimenting new and different approaches, but is always returning to prints and portrayal of tender nature motives.

Curk Tina

Being a child of parents, engaged in different fields of art, I myself have been wondering through different spheres of art. From art history and interior design to glass and metal, where I finally settled. Both materials are originally cold, but heat gives
them a new dimension. Together they are even better.



Černe Simona

At a time when art, after the end of modernism, seeks its path in the spheres of new media, Simona Černe reveals the classical power of painting as a permanent historical artistic discipline. An interesting creative period is represented by her wide open panoramic views of the salt-pans’ milieu, in which the illustrative elements are reduced to water, houses and spacious skies. Both the composition and the artistic visualization prove that her painting radiates from a special mood. It is a tribute to established effects of applying oil paint layers on canvas, in which the lower layers shine through giving the water a special charm and filling the “emptiness” of the sky with an enig- matic, spiritually-minded atmospheric touch.

Čeru Boleslav

Was born on 19 September 1953 in Ljubljana. His father, Jože Čeru, was born in Sovodenj, near Gorica in Italy, and his mother, Zvonka Škerbinc, came from Kranj. Čeru joined the Dolik Jesenice Fine Artists´ Association in1996, and the Ljubljana Fine Artists´ Association in 2000. Since 2004, he has been a member of the Union of Slovene Fine Arts Associations (ZDSLU). He has presented his work in over one hundred exhibitions at home and abroad (Italy, the Czeck Republic, Germany, Austria) and received many awards. His works are owned by private collectors in Europe, USA, and Australia.

Češnovar Karmen

Karmen Češnovar studies visual communications at the Faculty of design in Trzin. She always knew that she wanted to be a part of art and design story. During the course of her schooling at the High School of Design in Maribor, she had an opportunity to collaborate with publishing houses, also abroad. At the end of high school, she exhibited her final artworks in galleries Vitrinjski dvor and Media Nox. She also received silver and gold award for the creation of an infographic map for Maribor’s city park. As she says, Art Expo is a special opportunity to present her vision to a wider audience.

Čuš Tjaša

Born in Ptuj, Slovenia, 1987 The artist cooperated at artists shows in Ger- many, Macedonia, Croatia, Italy, Czech Republic,.. She graduated in 2013 at theAcademyofFineArtsinLjubljanaandshereceived manyrecognitions for her work in painting in Slovenia. She lives and works in town Ptuj (Slove- nia) where she developes her ideas and offers a dialogue about social mat- ters with the public. She works with younger population as well, where she tries to encourage the authentic way of expression during her workshops.



David Jiří / Czech Rep.

Jiří David has an extraordinary talent to capture and destroy the very im- ages in which today’s modern global civilization is eager to confirm the apparent certainties and truths about itself. The sense of visual symbolism in his works is simultaneously accompanied by a capacity for sociological or political abridgement. He is constantly trying out more and more tech- niques, experimenting with new symbols and returning to old ones in order to define for himself what is still important and what is not.

Dereviankina Marina

Marina Dereviankina was born in 1990 in Kislovodsk, Russia. But for a long period she lived in Odessa, Ukraine where she studied in Architectural College. In present time she lives in Slovenia.From the early childhood Marina loves painting. She creates beautiful and emotional paintings using oil and aquarelle. Also Marina works as a makeup artist, stylist, and model. In a free time she loves to travel and be inspired by the beauty of the world. One of the most important things for her to experience deep emotions and create something new. Her motto for life is “Live here and now”.

Dolenc Jana

Slovene painter, finished the Academy of the fine arts in Ljubljana in 1988, living as the independent artist in the beautiful valley of Soca river, where the surrounding inspired many of her paintings. Next to the nature, she gets inspired by music and people. Her work could be seen on more then 40 personal exhibitions until now and many group ones. She also makes book illustrations and decorative work like murals.

Dolinar Gašper

He is painting spiritual and intuitive paintings. He can see every painting or just the particles of it during meditation. He transfers those pictures – glimpses of it out onto the canvas and the whole image gets the true meaning. My paintings are painted with an intention to bring a wider audience closer to the thought that we are all one, one energy and that everything is possible when we have a clear vision of our desires and future.

Dolinar Kaja

»Believe in your dreams,« is the affirmation of Kaja Dolinar. Throughout her past experience she has formed her own path of setting up workshops, through which we strengthen our intuition and open our heart. Everyday contact with people has led her to start performing anti-stress massages, during which she guides people to come in touch with themselves. Massage reduces tension in our bodies, enriches and nurtures our skin as well as empowers our common wellbeing. The grips work on the field of relaxing muscles, making our immune system stronger and reducing our emotional tension. The revitalisation of life`s energy flow within us awakens our inner power and leads us to complete relaxation of our inner peace and spirit.

Donets Savko Tetyana

Born in 1972, in Ukraine. In 1991 she finished art school for drawing and painting. In 1996, she became a master of fine arts. She completed a master`s degree at the legal pedagogical institute (Kryviy Rih,Ukraine). Tetyana is a contemporary artist, who devoted herself to realistic painting and who works productively in this genre. She is actively involved in exhibitions and creative activities, improves her technique, learns new techniques with the use of oil, acrylic, watercolor paints, and she also takes an interest in the applied and decorative arts (textiles, clay, painting on wood, engraving).

Drofenik Lucija

Her artistic name is Vigrednica, which means Spring. Spring or the feeling of something nice, embrace, peace in the heart. She is very emotional, full of ideas and in love with life. Her inspiration is mostly Slovenian poetry. She uses many colors, shades and details in her works. She uses also gold leafes. Close to her is the motive of wom- an, nature and national motives. She prefers to paint on stones be- cause they have a special natural energy. The shape of the stones is natural and close to the soul of every human being. She loves chal- lenges, different ways of creating and artistic expression.



Emrić Halida / Bosnia

Member of the Association of Artists of Applied Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ULUPUBiH). Founder of the SerhatArt art ceramics studio. She has par- ticipated in numerous solo ex- hibitions in more than 40 cities. She has participated in numer- ous solo exhibitions and several group exhibitions at home and abroad. She received an Audi- ence Award at the first Interna- tional Biennale of Miniature Art Tuzla. She received award from Collegium Artisticum Sarajevo 2015 and Collegium artistic Sa- rajevo 2017.

Emrić Sead / Bosnia

Member of Association of Fine Artists of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ULUBiH) He preforms with painting and graphics. He has participated in numerous solo and collective exhibitions in the country and abroad. He won numerous awards for drawing, printmaking and painting.

Erjavec Primož

Primož Erjavec is a young and very talented stone designer and founder of brand Meduzza® that makes unique masterpieces from stone. The most popular products are stone sinks for home and garden with appealing names that make them shine in all their glory. The basic idea is to discover the beauty hidden in every stone and bring it to life which is why Primož is also know as »stone whisperer«. He can really feel the stone and liberate it by giving it the right shape. Nature and its many treasures serve as his eternal inspiration, fuelling the fire for his vivid imagination, which never fails to generate the ideas required to find a solution. His vision for the future od Meduzza® is to create original, practical and awe inspiring products by harnessing the beauty of stone and the quality of other natural mate- rials such as wood and metal.



Fabjančič Filip

Firstly I just grabbed brother’s camera and took some photos to see how it works. It was a chance to capture a moment like I saw it and I like it immediately. Year later I bought my first camera. Many clicks were made and many techniques were learned and I started to feel photography… hobby at the beginning started developing more and more… Now, years later I can say it is not hobby anymore. I see it as a passion. In last period I found myself in studio, where I can manipulate with light and control it. From freezing it in long exposures to extending it in a fraction of a second.

Ferenc Jakab / Hungary

I was born in 1978. I live in Piliscsaba with my family. Painting became a mean of self-expression when I met Ferenc Lantos. He became my men- tor at the Ferenc Martyn Art School. My first works were exhibited in Gal- lery Arthus in Pécs in 1998. During my college years I travelled as much as I could. I visited Malawi, a hidden treasure in Middle Africa, where I taught Maths to school children. After getting home I organised my second exhi- bition in the Gebauer Gallery. In the following years, my time was devoted to my family.

Fijavž Neli

She was born in Slovenj Gradec in 1986. Art and creativity have accompanied her through all of her life. After a long search for the very best and true direction, she has found herself in creating abstract art images on canvas. As a self-taught artist, she has developed her own artistic style , combining acrylic paint and plastic materials. By adding glittering elements, she creates 3D effect. Her beginnings date back to 2007, and since then she has already had several independent exhibitions.

Flogie Shana

Shana Flogie is a lecturer, founder and leader of MyChi temple for body, soul and spirit (2003) and co-founder of school for women Younique (2009). She works in Ljubljana, is a frequent guest at the radio and television and leads seminars and courses in Slo- venia as well as abroad.



Garbajs Lili

Lili Garbajs is a self-taught artist without any sort of formal art edu- cation. She never had a mentor and never participated in art classes. She is fond of painters with a strong creative sense such as Frida Kahlo, Gustav Klimt, Paul Gauging, and Pablo Picasso. Still she re- fuses to copy any other artist, she does not want to reinterpret their ideas, and she aspires to be an artist of her own making – to create from her own self in her own way. She internalizes images of her sur- roundings and embellishes them with her feelings and nuances. Her paintings are powerful, as a woman can be, still they are also subtle and positive and are never dark or oppressive.

Gašperut Vojko

The life has pushed Vojko Gašperut (1949) into the creativity. He has created a rich and distinctive opus not only at home but also abroad with education, determination, patience, dedication and love to the art medium. He has become one of the most successful painters painting by mouth. He is a member of the AMPFA with the head office in Liechtenstein. He has had over 120 solo and 350 group ex- hibitions in Slovenia and worldwide (Paris, Brussels, Vienna, Madrid, Prague, Budapest, Lizbon, Athens … and also in the USA and Asia with the AMFPA). He has received many awards and recognitions.

Germ Kim

Kim Germ is an aspiring young choreographer with numerous achievements at competitions, which started sharing her dancing knowledge at the age of 16. She is now a successful dancer, which manages Mkreativa, a dancing school for life, together with her team. She wishes, that children would acknowledge, that they are capable of achieving anything they invest their effort and energy into.
Prostor 5 is a studio of creative expression of movement, where an individual is being guided to originality, flexibility and creativity, through moving. The team is establishing a different manner of cultural sports training, connection and spending free time through various approaches of lead workouts.

Ginovska Aja Vesna

REMAKE INVASION is a project through which authors reiterate and re- new the ideas, popular motifs, objects, etc. They interfere with the known images to change their appearance and content. To justify this attack they call it »recycling « and so in the spirit of the times also abuse the Term.

Gluvič Brina

Companies looking for best communication performance through de- sign of their booths on fairs find this two individuals, combining their complementary talents in achieving one same goal in interior design and temporary architecture. Through a uniquely collaborative ap- proach, thinking differently and crossing boundaries they work togeth- er with chosen, top end clients to create experiences that help them faster grow their business and make fairs enjoyable.

Golob Kaja

Due to the intense passion for de- sign, young fashion designer Kaja Golob, wanted to became a part of this industry since the age of ten. At the beggining of her career, she participated in various fashion oriented events (FW Ljubljana and many more). Kaja became part of the industry as a proffesional re- cently in 2016, when she received the title of Graduated textile and fashion designer (UN) at the Fac- ulty of Natural Sciences in Ljublja- na. Her style is innovative, sophisti- cated and daring at the same time. With her work, Kaja wants to make an impression on people who are interested in design.

Goreski Vlado / Macedonia

Is a scenographer, graphic artist and designer of theatre posters. He finished secondary school in Bitola, and he graduated at the Faculty of Philosophy – Skopje, Department History of Art at 1981. He has studied at the International Centre of Graphic Arts in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In 1980 he began to volunteer, and in 1981 he was employed as painter-artist at the National Theatre Bitola. In 1982 he was employed in Institute, Museum and Gallery in Bitola as curator of contemporary art.

Gornik Lidija

Lidija Gornik is a self-taught artist who works under the artistic name Hazel Nut. She was always interested in literature, film and photog- raphy, so she draws her inspiration from music, films and nature. Her creations are named after the music she listened to during the work and she mainly portrays the motifs from the popular subculture. The artist also creates abstractions and collages, is extremely interested in the use of diverse materials thus often creates in a mixed technique. She had 3 solo exhibitions, participated in the regional and national JSKD exhibition and at the Week of amateur culture.

Grabljevec Snežana / Ažens Art

Snežana Grabljevec – better known under the stage name AŽENS ART – is an individual who has been a versatile artist since a young age. She describes herself as an intuitive painter. She depicts her emotions and energies she senses in the environment. Her works convey a connection to the nature, which to her is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. She is a free sensual soul who perceives the world differently. She uses different media and combines them. She likes strong clear colours. The motifs and styles are fairly diverse, because she says that in a way, she is still trying to find herself…

Grce Neva

Neva Grce was born in 1969. She completed studies of sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts Ljubljana (SLO) in 1992. In her independant work she includes different materials: stone, wood, metal, mixed techniques.. She is a writter and an illustrator of several books. Neva participated in Symposiums of stone-sculptures in Austria, Italy and France. Her exhi- bitions were in Slovenia, Austria, Italy, France. She ́s a mother of four children, she lives and works in Slovenia and Croatia. The central theme of her work is nature. Nature as our super-intelligent ecological system, a fine network of energy.



Heij Dirk / Netherlands

The Dutch sculptor Dirk Heij, born in 1933, graduated in 1962 from »Rietveld Academie« of Amsterdam, has lived and created in Slovenia since 1987. He’s an independent artist who has, despite being removed from the major artistic centres for decades, developed into an original and completely unique kind of visual artist. His sculptures are derived from nature and are part of nature, are imitations of its form, energy, and at the same time they search for the absolute structure, complete composition, which is never limited, separate, and unrepeatable, but manifold, diverse, and rich.

Hiti Andreja

Andreja Hiti was born in Postojna and lived in Dolenja vas pri Cerknici during her childhood. Throughout her adolescence, she was accompanied by many contradictions – farmhouse and television “Hollywood”, the love towards make up and building technical things, physical work and mental work. Throughout her study of physics, she manifested her creativity in sewing and designing clothes, after finishing her study, she fell in love with glass and stained glass. Because of her love for the “pretty”, she came up with the idea of designing stained glass jewelry. Most of her designs involve simplicity, while some of them are more suitable for her “crazy days”.

Hodaya Tadeja

Tadeja Hodaya Jakop is a Slovenian graphic designer, artist & energetic healer. She has invented WoodMag, which puts your mind to a meditative state. Playing with colorful wooden parts, you easily make beautiful art with countless options, reach a calm state of mind and discover astonishing competence of yourself. Play solo or together with your family and friends. It is always fun and it always reflects your emo- tional and mental state. Use this small laboratory of life to relax your mind. Patiently put together something beautiful to your eyes and you will become more aware of yourself, your wishes, decisions and follow your life path with ease and joy.

Horjak Natalija

I am honoured to exist and grateful for the life I was given. The collection of Solar mandalas blossomed from deep within my soul, from my faith and my longing for new creations. Once your hands start to glow intensely and the higher energy of creation enters your body, you are compelled to draw and create. I always challenge myself to produce an energy pattern, which will give off a fragrant scent, be different and magnificent each and every time, be one with nature, unique, and carry a deeper meaning. I customise my work according to the needs and wishes of my clients, adapting the size and shape of the canvas, the colours, the purpose of the energy pattern, the designs and the framing. We must intone a resounding Yes to life, to new opportunities and new challenges. My sincere wish is that while reading my presentation, you are filled with the powerful light of creation, cleansing your soul – the mirror of your body.



Ilgo Peter

Mr. Peter Ilgo has a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Economics – Inter- national Trade. After a successful career in Intertrade, Belinka, Lesnina, Ljubljanska Banka and Merck Sharp & Dohme Inc. he in 2003 founded his own consulting company PCON Ltd. (PeterCONsulting) where he is the proxy. Among other positions he was the Manager of Intercon- tinental Furniture Inc. in Chicago, USA , Director of Ljubljanska banka Representative Office for Southeast Asia in Singapore as well as Direc- tor of Merck Sharp & Dohme Inc. for Yugoslavia, Romania and Bulgaria.



Ječmínek Jakub / Czech Rep.

I am full time artist and painting is my life mission. My art is mainly based on longtime observation of parallel realities, studying of psy- chology and controlled changes of perception and consciousness. My main themes are cosmic principles, harmony of shapes and colors = meditative abstract painting and working with nature and nudes on the edge of traditional perception. I work with oil, acrylic and I find new technics of mixing colors with my own handmade tools on can- vas. My value is certified by french expert Jacques-A. Akoun and is published on reference books and database

Jenče Ljoba

Ljoba Jenče – is known for her healing voice as a singer and storyteller. She is highly awarded and internationally recognised carrier of slovenian cultural heritage. For thirty years has she already been devoting her life to collecting, reviving and transmitting the legacy of ancestors to younger generations and at the same time always deeply listening to artistic impulses of the Future. “Out of the deepness of life we have to do our best to create our speaking and singing from our hearts and higher spiritual dimensions for the good of the world and humanity! Especially in these times when technology is trying to overrule our lives and personal relation- ships. Oral culture has important memory of ecological laws of our survival. And Future is calling for our authenticity.”

Jeras Tajda

Tajda Jeras was born in 1997 in Ljubljana. At first she understood art as mu- sic. After, she discovered her talent for colors and since then painting is part of her life. For five years, she studied drawing and painting in the art school Angels Art and two years under the eye of the Spanzel family. She is study- ing architecture at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana. She wants to build a world in which all individuals would be happier and live a full life. Colors, materials, shapes, light and shadow, the understanding of space, contrasts, … are elements which help her express herself

Jerič Tina

The name “Afnarije” stands for three girls, bonded by their love for art and creativity They met in college, while studying art pedagogy, and that is how their joint creative path began. However, each of them is an individual, with original ideas of her own in different fields. They combined their skills under the trade mark AFNARIJE.; amongst their prod- ucts, one can find everything from wooden jewellery to shrink plastic, crystals and even sewing products. Art knows no boundaries, and that is how these girls wish to operate.

Jesenšek Tanja

Author has graduated from social pedagogy and is interested in post-graduate study in the field of human relationships and therapeutic techniques. She invests much of her time to the so called study for self, which includes interests in the field of social sciences and natural sciences, neuro linguistic programming, practicing yoga and whole-scale training of bogy-mind-spirit with the help of traditional karate. Since her childhood, she has been participating in artist`s colonies, art classes and the local fine art society “Lila”. Until now, she has been exhibiting in her home town for the Youth centre Litija, for the municipal holiday and on the “Slikarska pot”.

Jubayer Razzak

Razzak Jubayer is an academic painter and experimental photographer. He concluded the Academy of arts in the former Yugoslavia at the University of Priština. Piran, where he now lives and works, is a place of inspiration and spiritual transformation for Razzak. He is using mixed technics for painting, such us acrylic paints, aquarelle and airbrush technics. Sophism is his way of life, and in his endeavor to search for beauty, he translates poetry into colors. His visual style is mainly the modern Dadaism.

Justinek Leonida

For over a decade, artist Leonida Justinek has ‘poured out’ a fusion of quartz and glass crystals. Her explorations of this ancient elemental com- panion of human civilization is uncovering vast possibilities of new and experimental ways of using experimental technology and material, which she handles with great care and sensitivity. Glass fusion sculptures gen- erate, through the interaction shape and material, an invisible source of healing information where the light of the sun or electric lighting radiates into space and in this way they heal and harmonize.



Kastelic Blaž

My vision was always turned to art, bodyart, tattoos. After my high school I was working in art supply store and got interested in airbrush technique. One day I bought it and got adicted to it.I got interested in bodypainting in 2011, when I did the first one on 1. Slovenian Tattoo Convention in Celje, also in 2011 I got apprenticeship in tattoo shop, owned by Robert Turkovič Turko Tattoo. So now I am working as airbrush artist, bodypainting artist and tat- too artist.

Ketiš Milan

Milan Ketiš (1992) lives and works in Maribor. Graduated in painting department at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. Participated in an exchange programme in the University of Arts Helsinki. Now he is finishing master studies, preparing a thesis entitled Space of spiritual, human, nature and culture. His work has been exhibited in solo and group shows at home and abroad. Through his work he is questioning the relation between man and nature, using different mediums, drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, installation and performance.

Kitak Polona

My painting becomes a story. / My favourite motifs have always been nature, landscape architecture, us – human beings, but I am also inspired by music and literature. I especially love to write and illustrate poetry. I feel like my painting be- comes a story. A few years ago, I published a children’s picture book, and currently I am also working on artistic interpretation of literary texts and journals. My work can be found in recognized publishing houses.

Knez Joso

Joso Knez was born in 1959 in Zadar, Croatia, from where he moved to Bertoki in Slovenian littoral region where he lives and works today. In the 1978 he got admitted to the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice and graduated four years later from painting under the mentorship of professor Zotti who played an important role in his artistic development. In the 1988 he won a scholarship by the Italian government for the postgraduate studies in Rome which also greatly influenced his artistic expression. Joso Knez has also done some interior and exterior design, painting on the walls in the “fresco a secco” technique and has taught arts. In maintaining his unique colorful style his motifs are very much versatile.

Kokalj Denise

Academic painter Denise Kokalj was born in 1963 in Ljubljana. She finished her studies in painting at the Academy of fine arts and design in Ljubljana (2005-2010) under the supervision of Zmago Lenardič and Uršula Berlot – the subject was Figure of today. She takes part in the art workshops and workshops of teaching art elements. She par- ticipated in several international as well as Slovenian exhibitions and art colonies. Her art works are located in several collections, such as Collection of Festival Ljubljana, Collection of Luka Koper, Collection KD, Collection of graduates ALUO in Gallery Velenje. She is also the recipient of second award of Gallery Velenje.

Kolenc Olga

Olga Kolenc is versatile artist, taking creative energy from nature and emotions. She was born on Vojsko over Idrija, Slovenia. In the field of painting she developed her own technique, under professional leadership of her internationaly known menthors, schulptor Zmago Posega and painter Klavdij Tutta. Olga Kolenc has more than 20 individual exhibitions and more than 100 collective exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad. In the field of art photography she was present on more than 30 collective exhibitions in International Photography Contest.

Koman Andrej & Koman Peter

Koman Jewelry is a family owned jewelry/goldsmith workshop operating since 1971. Manufacturing unique products of high quality is one of our main crafts. Equally important to us is customer satisfaction. Most of our items are done on request and we are more than happy to tackle new item ideas in term of technique and design. We mostly work with precious materials and stones. Our store is located in the old part of a small, more than 1000 years old town of Škofja Loka.

Korshunov Innokenty & Korshunova Ruta / Ukraine

RUTINN – is a creative couple of Ukrainian artists Innokenty Korshunov(b. 1970) and Ruta Korshunova (b. 1974) work- ing in a realistic manner. The authors work in the classical genres of still life, landscape, portrait. Creativity of artists was presented at numerous exhibitions in different countries and is in private collections. Rich experience allows working in modern techniques, illustrating books, engaging in sculpture and hand-made books. One of the last was the mythological-philosophical project “Diatonic Garden”.

Kos Mateo

Mateo Kos, born in 1982 in Maribor, is a special feature in Slovenian artistic space. The artificial wire has been woken up in it since high school days. At that time, he exhibited his watercolors and collages for the first time at the exhibition “Sights of Maribor”. During the same period he also exhibited at a group exhibition at the Art Gallery Maribor. Since then, paint- ing has become his passion to this day. In the meantime he learned art, gained knowledge and ideas. At the initial stage of creation, it was influenced by African art, which has always added a fraction of its “fierce temperament”.

Krajnc Sašo

Sašo Krajnc, known as “Cvern” is a new media artist from Slovenia. He worked for many years as a graphic designer, software and web developer and has always been dedicated to the different type of art and technology. Sašo has been mostly amazed about abstract, geometric and line art. He is best known for his unique straight line images, im- ages that are created by overlapping one continuous line of sewing thread, several thousand times.

Kralj Jure

I’ve always liked to browse through albums with old photos from time to time. The most interesting thing is how we can write a certain moment in history with a single click of a button. Beginning of my photography story starts in November 2013. Since the first time I pressed the trigger, I fell in love with creating memories that I will leave behind. I feel the very best while I’m in nature, where you can admire the millions of years of natural evolution in total silence, disturbed by wonderful creatures with their singing. I also like discovering new cultures, places and streets full of noise and chaos. I want to show the world as I see it.

Kralj Pavlovec Jasna

Jasna Kralj Pavlovec belongs to the generation of Slovenian architects and designers, who were influenced by great transitions from the post-modern style period into the initial period of the search for national, spatial and personal identity. Her works follow the humanistic philosophy of design and profound personal awareness of perception. She is dealing with the space consciously and with a great sense for nature in correlation of existing urban forms, with a sincere respect for the human being as an individual and the context of society. As an artist she works under name jas andexpresses herself with unique visual language, based on architectural and urban patterns. During the last year, she has exhibited several times in Europe and worldwide. She is a member of international women artists’ platform “The Mother Load”.

Krašovec Pogorelčnik Mateja

Mag. of Arts Mateja Krasovec Pogorelcnik, u. d. i. of Textile and Fashion Design, u. d. i. of Textile Engineering, works as a freelance designer in the fields of graphics, fashion and unique design as well as in publicity. She is the editor, designer and publisher of many schoolbooks (ModART) and the author of the book Aesthetics of Cloathing (1997). Recently she has mostly been working in the field of product design, which she pres- ents at individual and group exhibitions and fairs at home and abroad. She is the winner of several international awards and the author of the brand’s concept STORIES design® as well as being the founder.

Križ Blanka (Blinx)

Blanka Blinx Križ was born in 1971 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Art has been her passion throughout her whole life. In 1991, she finished Secondary school of Design and Photography in Ljubljana. She has always had a keen interest in many fields of art, not only photography, so she decided to continue her studies in London – in the land of a wide range of different forms of artistic expression where she finished studies in fields of graphic design and illustration. After completing her studies in London, she returned to Ljubljana, where she attended the Institute for conservation and restoration of frescoes and paintings as well as ceramic art and ceramic sculptures. In 2008, she finished her PhD in Cultural Studies.
During all her years of studies and researching different fields of art, she has held some exhibitions in Slovenia and Italy. Her artworks are created with an open heart, a lot of love and commitment and all of this is possible to sense when you see or touch her works of art, which makes her the happiest person.

Križman Andreja

Andreja Križman is a promising designer. She knows what to do with any material you give her. However, clay is her favourite mate- rial. Ms. Ines Kovačič introduced her to the world of clay and with her help ancient memory comes to the surface. She loves the challenge of creating beautiful and useful things. Through the design- ing process she enters into meditative state. Energy flows freely and she lets her hands free to create.The purpose of her work is to see the sparks in other people’s eyes. She hopes that, through the clay, she will be able to share these sparks with you.

Kunstelj Janja

Janja Kunstelj is a young Slovenian lady and artist that uses vibrant, bold and very colourful patterns to reflect her optimistic view of the world around her. She is a very happy person, continually smiling and this reflects in all her art pieces. The turning point in Janja’s life occurred while she was visiting an art exhibition while she was travel- ing through the USA. This important experience had huge impact on her life, it introduced brushes, colours and canvases into her life. Self- taught at an early age, Janja started to paint on canvases, just for fun, just to decorate a wall at home, just for friends and exhibitions.

Kurent Ema

Ema Kurent was born and lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia. As astrologer of 25 years she is held in high esteem in her own country and abroad. She has done a pioneering job in introducing the subject of astrology to her part of the world. Since almost the beginning of her career, Ema specializes in traditional and predictive astrology, and is busy consulting, teaching and writing. Her extensive education and ample experience in personal consultations, teaching and international speaking qualifies her as one of the world’s top astrologers. Her professional qualifications are D.F. Astrol. S. (Diploma Faculty of Astrological Studies, 1990), Q.H.P. (Qualified Horary Practitioner, 1993), CMA (Certified Medieval Astrologer, 2004) and ISAR CAP (Certified Astrological Professional from International Society of Astrological Research, 2010). She was among the most talented students at the FAS and received a gold medal for the best overall diploma work. She has had additional training in locational astrology. She also holds BA in English and German languages from the University in Ljubljana.

Kuzma Simon

Companies looking for best communication performance through de- sign of their booths on fairs find this two individuals, combining their complementary talents in achieving one same goal in interior design and temporary architecture. Through a uniquely collaborative approach, thinking differently and crossing boundaries they work together with chosen, top end clients to create experiences that help them faster grow their business and make fairs enjoyable.



Lesjak Gavriloska Maja

Born 1978 in Celje, Slovenia. 1999 – 2004 she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, direction: Visual Communications. Her mentor was professor Tomaž Kržišnik. Maja turned the sails of her creative path into a unique kind of illustration. This certainly is the result of her private creative and career path, which she experiences intensely and wholeheartedly with her children. Along with the four of them, she strolls from theirs to her own childhood and back. Her childishness is still present and she realizes it in her figural works of art, which is in its colourfulness and at- tributes that accompany these portraits, very childlike, whereas the character of the portraits is frequently very grown-up and it often resembles a self-portrait.

Ličen David & Ličen Kunaver Polona

Lično hišo že 14 let uspešno vodita umetnika in oblikovalca Polona Kunaver Ličen in David Ličen. Oblikovalca ponujata vrsto umetniških in oblikovalskih izdelkov in storitev: umetniške grafike, slike, ilustracije, grafično, tekstilno in industrijsko oblikovanje. Za svoja dela in projekte sta preje- la že vrsto nagrad. Poleg svojih projektov Polona in David v Lični hiši poučujeta risanje, likovne tehnike in barvne študije za vse generacije. S svojimi ilustracijami in pravljicami sta opremila že kar nekaj avtorskih knjig za otroke. David kot industrijski oblikovalec skupaj s sodelavcem Matejem Grmekom v tem času umešča na trg novo blagovno znamko Bigbutbike, produkta »Bigbutt« pod katero predstavljata unikatne lesene poganjalce za vse generacije.

Likar Srečko

ŠEMPETER 1300 Association for Socializing and Solidarity Pivka – Slovenia is presented by the mosaics. The association was founded in 2014 with the purpose of socializing among all generations and those who need help. At 1. ART Expo Ljubljana 2017, the association is presented by the author Srečko Likar, born in Pivka in 1953. In 1972, he was trained as a mosaicist. Now, as a disability pensioner of 60 %, he creates on-request mosaics, preferably micromosaics. Of each sold product, donations, voluntary contributions to the Šempeter 1300 association, a solidary levy of 1,3 % is contributed for the disabled.

Lisjak Ljiljana

Ljiljana Lisjak, was born on 27th April 1954 in Vojvodina, Serbia. She had discovered her artistic talent and natural gift for drawing and painting at young age during her early school years. She attended School for textile technology and design in Serbia where she created art works under the supervision of professor Zubovič. Her paintings and drawings were exhibited in Novi Sad, Zagreb and Beograd. Then she decided to follow her artistic heart to become a painter. Her biggest wish was to upgrade her talent with an academic education. In 1976 she was accepted to the Academy of fine arts in Zagreb, Croatia, which she did not finish, because of starting the family in Slovenia. Life wanted her to »create new lifes«, so her artistic life was temporarily put aside for a few decades to raise children and take care for her family. Now she has been living for forty years in Nova Gorica, Slovenia, where her primary occupation besides her family are her art creations.

Lobnikar Novak Darja

I was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Art lies in my genes. I always loved to paint. My grandmother was a pupil of the famous Rihard Jakopič ( a well known slovene impresionist) Painting School. I have been growing up enjoying the beauty of arts. After a year spent in United Kingdom I enlisted into the Arrangement & Decoration School in Zagreb, Croatia where I graduated in 1970. Later on I joined The Center for Fine Arts of the City of Zagreb. My husband Branko Lovak was a recognised naive painter from Hlebinje, Podravina. Unfortunately he paased away when he was only 39.

Loborec Polona

Her works are mostly made in realistic and surrealistic style. She prefers to use oil on canvas. Her ideas mostly originate from everyday life and her imagination as her fantasy world is turbulent and full of emotions and inner feelings. This can be spotted both in her paintings and photographs. Works are born in her mind and they haunt her as long as doesn’t realize them. The result is described as really strong energy which leads her to her works. She gets her ideas in her dreams where she interacts with them for hours at the time.

Lombar Peternel  Nataša

She is a professional beautician and masseuse, who started to sail into the invisible world in 2007. Her path leads her through various educational trainings for personal growth. After 4 years of researching, she felt a desire during her daily trainings to use a strong energy flow not only for massages, but also for the creation of energy images. Those images radiate pure positivity with their vibration. She creates during meditation, with acrylics that she often embellishes with glitter and crystals.

Lovše Marta – Shabadras Kaur

Since there are no coincidences in life, she started practicing Kundalini Yoga in 2008. This mysterious world, which, thanks to Yogi Bhajan’s teacher, is accessible to everyone today. It inspired her with its simplicity, breadth and wisdom. Her life began to change, calm down, fears have lost their power and with less effort she achieved better results … With that, she made the decision – she attended the 1st level education for Kundalini Yoga teacher and obtained a certificate, confirmed by KRI (Kundalini Research Institute). Now she wants to share this knowledge with you.

Lovše Mitja

Mitja Lovše works as a writer, performer and director in the fields of theatre, improvisation, literature and cine- ma. He has directed different theatrical productions at venues, such as KUD France Prešeren, Glej and the Ljubljana Castle, and short features. His drama, titled Cimcipelonika, earned him a nomination in 2014 for a Young Playwright Award in Slovenia, whereas another, The Man Who Sold The World, got him a mention from a jury of the Slavko Grum Award in 2016. He is still alive.



Malle Mirko / Austria

1984 Born in Klagenfurt, Austria, 2004-2008 Academy of Fine Arts Ljubljana, Slovenia (graduated 2010), 2008/09 Academy of Fine Arts Porto, Portugal. He lives and works between southern Austria and central Slovenia. He is an illustrator and caricaturist for the weekly Slovenian-minority-in-Austria-newspaper „NOVICE“. He calls himself the „colour conductor“, believing, „conducting co- lours“ in painted colour-light-music-animations is a form of expression, that can portrait music pieces. On ArtExpo he wants to present his two years daily-made miniatures (2015-2016).

Mao Tara

Energy paintings, which through their powerful colors, symbolism and crystals encourage per- sonal growth, transformation and awakening of the spirit. They whisper messages that touch the heart and the soul. They open the door to the path of life fulfillment.
I am Mao – Tara, an artist from Slovenia. I’ve had more than 50 exhibitions and many of the Paintings are sold all over the world (Europe, New York, New Zealand, London, etc.)

Matijašević Nataša

Nataša Matijašević gets inspiration for her works in nature, she draws ideas when connected with her source. She loves life, she is grateful for every moment … She realizes that nothing in life is taken for grant- ed. She creates an intuitive acrylic technique. Its distinguishing sign is the Idrija lace. She is proud of her home town and its roots. From here, the idea is to combine her passion and love with colors with a cultural heritage – Idrija lace, thus raising it to a higher level and spreading its visibility beyond the borders of Slovenia. In 2015 she participated in Ex Tempore in Idrija for the first time, then she lived in Germany, and now she returned to her native Slovenia, where she lives and creates.

Melanšek Mitja

As a child I used to enjoy sitting in the toilet for long periods of time. Normally, the only place you don’t want EYES, our toilet literally had hundreds of them. Old, hand-made ceramic tiles with organic, psyhedelic patterns were returning gazes back to me with their own eyes. When I narrowed my eyes I saw with a new eye, new faces formed, some gloomy, other merry, sometimes malicious, even aggressive. Narrowing my eyes is a methodical game indispensable to my creation process still. You can try it yourself, close your eyes lightly. When do dots, lines or shapes form into a face with all its distinct features? It doesn’t take much. The eyes from the tiles know that already.

Mesec Eva

Eva Lala Mesec is an self-taught Slovenian artist with all her body and soul. She lets the Source, Higher frequncies and Sacred geometry to use her hands to express on canvas in material form. All the paintings and mandalas are alive and just by looking them you are in meditative state. They heal and help you to find inner peace, power, harmony, abudance and much more. Every painting or mandala is made with unconditional love to help and protect. They are the doors to your higher conscionsness and have a very positive effect on people. They are all unique with no reproduction like we are. Just one and only.

Mikhaylina Natalia / Russia

“A picture is worth a thousand words” Confucius, 5th century BC.
Natalia Mikhaylina, an independent contemporary artist, born in Moscow, Russia. Living and working in Slovenia. The inspiration comes from remark- able Mediterranean nature: mountains, valleys, vineyards, sea. Carefully collecting feeling during travelling, she try to dive deep into perception of the world, grab the most important thing and enhance the details that allow emotions to emerge, giving them new life in her pictures. The challenge is bring vision of life to physical fruition in order to share experience with audience. Member of The Slovenian Association of Fine Arts Societies. Education: 2009-2011 High British School of Art and Design.

Murn Gregor

Gregor Murn is graphic designer and photographer born in 1961. He is an owner and director of company Mega-Graf d.o.o. found- ed in 1995. He has more than 35 years of experience in world of printing, quality conceptual design solutions, scans, web sites and preparation of files, completion of printed material, such as envelopes, business cards, letter paper, catalogues, brochures, overall image, postcards, books, annual reports, securities-cheques, calendars, greeting cards, newsletters, magazines and more. He had his first exhibition in year 1998 at Kaspar Harnisch in Graz and his second in 2017 at Institute AAMI’s temporary gallery at ABC Hub in BTC City Ljubljana.

Murn Miha

Miha Murn (Michael Gregorjev Murn), founder, owner, director and leader of Institute Atelje Art Murn International and Art director at company Mega-Graf d.o.o. is Slovenian hyper-productive artist and businessman born in 1994. He is involved in painting, draw- ing, modelling, graphic arts, photography, designing of visual communications, sculpturing and writing since he was ten. He had more than 50 solo exhibitions, and was involved in more than 100 collective exhibitions in many countries. There are some 4000 works in his opus of abstract graphics, paintings, drawings and other works of arts. In his opus we can find also five already published philosophy and poetry books. He is also collector of antiquities, works of arts and books. His fields of interests include interior furnishing and designing, restoration, military items collections…



Nakládal Jakub / Czech Rep.

My artistic expression is simple. That ́s why I prefer simple and strict forms in arts communication. I try to make a bridge between a concep- tual thinking with the most classical displaing, in my artwork. Drawing is a building technique of the classical Arts, my primar use-technique equally , especially the pencil drawing. So, that ́s why I use drawing by many ways. For example in a collage, in photography, in the happening, in printing. The topics of pictures are oriented on eternal points of form like the sex, the social history, the consistencial problems of objects and the fetishism of still life.

Nasri Sandra

Spiritual artist Sandra Nasri has always loved painting, mandalas, crystals, animals and nature with a hint of sacred geometry and shamanism. She has been guided to create paintings and spiritual sculptures made from driftwood, where expressing her self and connecting with a divine energy helps others for their healing work, meditation and astral journeying. Her creations are portal into the Universal Energy Flow.

Neira Paul Ruiz / Peru

The arrow is a fate of light. Is light the destiny of man? Poetry painting that makes us see a reality (or several). Pool Moon (this is his stage name) begins in the blank of the void, and does not finish the work until you can define the shadows in light (transparencies, glazes). He is more than a painter, he is an artist in process and he knows that the light hides his own mysteries and questions.Poetry of strange en- counters, shocking, where the composition, lines, colors and drawing uses them to define their rebellion in front of what seems foreign.

Nemec Petr / Czech Rep.

Arthaus embodies an independent project of contemporary art providing a range of services for artists and public. Artists find there an unique space to present their artworks and at the same time Arthaus creates to public conditions for a simple online art purchase. Petr is a painter, cre- ator of the online gallery Arthaus and co-founder of MeetArt’s, the newly created multifunctional art space in Prague. Wona Wena is a street – art / pop – art artist and fashion designer based in Prague.

Novak Boštjan

Boštjan Novek (b. 1966) completed his studies at The Ljubljana Academy of Fine Art in 1992. Since then he has become one of most acclaimed figurative sculptors in Slovenia, grounding his unique ap- proach on ‘abstract key figuration’. His finely executed terracottas form part of select gallery and private collections. The largest is held by The Žula Gallery. He also executed a commission for the Straus Institute in New York (US). There, a couple of life size bronzes are also in the J.H.H. Weiler private collection. He represented Slovenia at the European cultural capital in Ireland in 2005.

Novosel Daria

Daria Novosel was born in 1986 in Rostov-on-Don, USSR (Russia). Studied in Kiev State Art School (Ukraine) and graduated in painting in 2016 from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia). The central theme of her works are different challenges and problems of modern society. Daria`s expression style is combination of naturalistic artistic depiction of figurative composition and usege of tridimensional elements in painting. Pieces which are mostly made in the technique of oil in canvas can be found on exhibitions and private collections all around the Slovenia, Ukraine, some in USA.



Oman Valentin

Oto Rimele, Slovenian painter, designer and musician, 1962, Maribor
He studied painting at the Academy of fine arts in Ljubljana, where he graduated in the class of professor Emerik Bernard in 1990. He continued his specialisation for painting in the class of professor Janez Bernik and has been later perfecting his work in Europe and in the USA. He is currently employed as a professor of painting and drawing at the Faculty of Education in Maribor, and is also a lecturer for the study of Media Communications at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of the University in Maribor. In 2003, he won the Prešeren fund award for his painting exhibition »Illuminations« in the Kostanjevica monastery church in 2002. He is also engaged in graphic design and scenography. He was a member and co-founder of rock (new-wave) band Lačni Franz and the guitarist in the group Laibach.

Ovsec Janez

Janez Ovsec was born on June 18, 1958. He had already met with painting in his youth. He has repeatedly turned into galleries where he has been fine- tuned and personally experienced accompanied by visual images. The rich- ness of fine arts deeply embedded in its interior and became an incentive for its own expression in the field of watercolor technique. Talent, tireless search for knowledge and visiting courses under different mentors, and above all the extraordinary personal engagement and training of a new target, led to souredly derived artistic inscriptions created in shaped and author recognized poetics.



Pahor Marjana

Marjana Pahor born in Ljubljana in 1966, has completed her studies in painting and restauration at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (ALUO) in Ljubljana where she graduated in 1993. During her student years she was studying printmaking techniques at International Center for Printmaking (Fundacion Miro) in Barcelona, Spain. She perfected her studies in the field of printmaking techniques at the Royal University College of Fine Arts in Stockholm, Sweden where she completed her Mas- ter program for Arts and Printmaking. During her student years at Royal University College of Fine Arts she got grant for studies at New York University NYU.

Papič Bernarda

Bernarda Papič is a fashion designer, owner and founder of boutique Bela. Most of her life she dedicated to creating women and man fashion designs. Most of her experience came from big fashion houses such as MURA, RENE LAZARDE, KARL LAGERFELD, ZORAN GAREVSSKI and ESCADA. Currently she is cooperating with fashion designer from Germany (RETURNANDGETI). She has a good judgment on visualization the clothes o n a person and according to that recommends the quality and the colors of materials.

Pavlič Boštjan / Paulio Bastelli

The real beauty does not fade in time, on the contrary, it gains new shades and the beauty is reflected from within. Paulio Bastelli® is a small artisan workshop in the heart of the beautiful sunny Slovenia, established back in 1990. Paulio Bastelli® clocks perfectly distinguish themselves by all details, materials, color and shape, which are qualities distinguishing his craft with status and lifestyle. Workmanship, quality and design are the ideal essence of the Paulio Bastelli® clock. The clock is individually created and numbered, thus enhancing its uniqueness and value. With this ornamental uniqueness it brings new meaning to the telling of time. A place with a sundial acquires the dimensions of universal balance. Every clock is made by hand, numbered and comes with a certificate.

Pavliha Polonca

Even from her youngest years she was always coloring. Later on life lead her through many different fields, but somehow she still
endedup creating something with fingers on paper. They have been driven by various pleasures: charcoal, pastel colors, watercolors … which made her way into the unknown of her imagination. For the last 7 years she’s been attending a course in a painting school of mag. Blaž Slapar and creating a series of drawings and paintings. Her originality also led her to painting on textiles and fresh interest in drawing caricature, which will be her next project. As she had learned long ago: you are never too old to try something new.

Pečar Nina

Nina Pečar, born 1990 in Slovenia. Studied Painting, Classical music composition and Jazz violin. Her interests lie in the world of visual arts, primarily in old mastery of portrait drawing. She likes to venture into hyperrealism, illustration and graphic design. Pečar works as a musician, a multi-instrumentalist, an arranger and a poet. She loves intertwining and challenging projects where she can contribute with her broad spectrum of knowledge. She was granted the status being self-employed in cultural activities under the Ministry for Culture of Slovenia in 2017.

Pečar Matejka

Matejka Pečar, born in 1983 (Brežice, Slovenia) graduated in painting in 2014 from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. Before her years at the Academy she preferred painting animals and nature, but during her study she started being interested in painting human beings and their portraits. She always loved to discover the spiritual and her inner world and for the past few years she started to express herself through abstract and energy paintings. She is the author of illustrations for three books and her paintings are in four books. She was also teaching drawing and painting at Art courses in Ljubljana. She exhibites in Slovenia and abroad. Matejka’s work can be found in private collections in UK, Germany, Croatia, USA (Pennsylvania and Canada) and Australia.

Perković Stjepan / Croatia

I have been painting, illustrating and writing poetry since my young age in order to express the spirit from inside. I’m a member of the in- ternational Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (AMFPA). I graduated painting from Free Academy of Art in the class of Mr. Don- ald Hall. Being a participant of great number of art colonies and work- shops, I have led art workshops for children using my art as a bridge. I had 14 individual expositions and over 30 group ones. In April 2017 I participated in the art fair in New York called New York ArtExpo.

Plečnik Peter

Peter Plečnik was born in Ljubljana where he continues to live today. He is an electrician by proffession and his personal interest. He uses various materials for his creations, except plastics. He designs products such as: illuminants, cups and belts which are all handmade. His role models are architect Jože Plečnik, professor Janez Valentinčič, and designer Oscar Kogoj, who have impressed him with their creativity. Nevertheless, Peter Plečnik remains innovative and above all persistent in his decision to follow his own path.

Plešnar Gal – Sub Maze

On a subtle level Sub Maze speaks about our subconscious minds, how we can create our own thoughts and beliefs with- out being aware of them, all based on the individual’s reality. Since he can remember he wanted to make his own music. He started listening to house music when he was 15 years old. It really inspired him to quickly begin DJing. After a half year of Dj-ing he started to get into the production part of mu- sic, where he found his home. After a while his own curiosity drove him to search for ways to improve his music and him- self. He came across different people, researches and began to understand that music is not just a sound that comes out of the speakers – it is so much more than that. More than just a melody, that can make you happy or sad, more than just the groove. It is also about how energy and frequency affect you and unconsciously play a big role in our lives. Usually 70 percent of the people just listen to the radio because they do not care about music so much – it is just background noise to them or something to cut the hours. In fact, that is quite the opposite. It is what he talked about earlier, subconscious mes- sages and feelings that music gives you. But let us go deeper… What if even the tuning of our music today affects us with its lower frequencies? Shouldn’t we care about it? Just because we understand music as a background noise doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t care. Well, that is what his next research is about. The time is now – the most important time to really feel and understand the music we listen to.

Podpečan Robert

Robert Podpečan was born in 1967 in Celje. As an amateur painter, he began to paint more actively in 2000. For three years he worked at the Gallery of Contemporary Art in Celje under the mentorship of academic painter Djemail Djokovic. So far, he has had 20 solo and 30 group exhibitions and has also participated in several art colonies and ex-temporas. His works of art have found new owners all over the world (Germany, Croatia, Great Britain, USA,..). Robert is motivated and technologically diverse.

Podpečan Monika

Monika Podpečan was born in 1970 in Schorndorf in Germany. Regarding painting, at the beginning she was only Robert’s hardest critic, but later she started to paint more actively by herself. In addition to painting on canvas, she also paints on other surfaces (umbrellas, flares, religious images and others, in acrylic technique). Lately, with Robert, they draw together pieces of art in larger formats. These pieces combine their artistic energy.

Pogačnik Tadeja

The name “Afnarije” stands for three girls, bonded by their love for art and creativity They met in college, while studying art pedagogy, and that is how their joint creative path began. However, each of them is an individual, with original ideas of her own in different fields. They combined their skills under the trade mark AFNARIJE.; amongst their products, one can find everything from wooden jewellery to shrink plastic, crystals and even sewing products. Art knows no boundaries, and that is how these girls wish to operate.

Potočki Sašo

Saša and Janja, who go by the artistic name SAJAN, are a creative and married couple. Their teamwork dates back to 2007. Since then, the stories that have emerged from the simplicity of everyday life and woven them- selves into the search of one’s own essence intertwine in their mosaics. Further, their artwork is a reflection of the environmentally problematic: the intensively cultivated, sterilely unified, unnatural living spaces. As ecoartist, they organize sustainable and creative work- shops. “Trees grow slowly” is their current project, a tribute to nature and a green message to human kind.

Poznič Zoran

Zoran Poznič has a master`s degree in the field of video and new media at the Academy of fine arts and design in Ljubljana. In 2008 he was named the director of Institute for culture »Delavski dom Trbovlje«. Under his management, the culture in Trbovlje has stepped into a new era. He has established a new vision of the city through the syntagma Trbovlje new-media city (TNM), under which several creative potentials of the community are being combined and connected into global trends in the field of new media. The main manifestation of this networking is the festival of new-media culture “Speculum Artium”.

Pratneker Gregor

The Slov. painter, Pratneker, was awarded a Master’s degree in Paint- ing by the Ljubljana Acad. of Fine Arts in 2011. He won several Slov. awards. In 2014 and 2017, he participated at the Salon d’Automne and in year 2015 at the Salon of French Artists in Paris. In his artistic development, he focused on various classical motifs, such as landscapes and historical cityscapes, created exclusively in the traditional oil painting technique. In his latest artistic period, the artist is deeply engaged in the relationship between man and nature, subtly exposing contemporary ecological problems.

Požar Rajko

Rajko Požar is a contemporary Slovenian self-taught artist whose large-format paintings fluctuate between abstraction and representation. His work melds themes of childhood, shared experience and travel stories around the world. He was born in 1979 in the small town Brežice in Slovenia where he lives today. As a painter he have many ambitions, one of them is to help people, share stories trough art to learn and grow as a person. His motto: “Life is too short to not exploit all of its potentials. We were born into a chance, as well as an obligation to become legendary.”

Praznik Daša

The name “Afnarije” stands for three girls, bonded by their love for art and creativity They met in college, while studying art pedagogy, and that is how their joint creative path began. However, each of them is an individual, with original ideas of her own in different fields. They combined their skills under the trade mark AFNARIJE.; amongst their products, one can find everything from wooden jewellery to shrink plastic, crystals and even sewing products. Art knows no boundaries, and that is how these girls wish to operate.

Převrátilová Zdenka / Czech Rep.

Zdenka Převrátilová was born and raised in inspirative environment of Central Bohemian Uplands and Ore Mountains. She studied arts faculty at University J.A. Purkyně in Ústí nad Labem. She continued her studies as classic animation at Tomas Bata University. After finishing her studies, she got valuable experiences in following studios: Jan Švankmajer studio (TV bed time stories for Czech television) and in Prague studio Anima.She currently works and lives in Prague. At this moment she mainly creates animation, il- lustration, graphic design and puppets design for animated films. In her life she discovered a little world of creatures, who she dedicates her personal art and tries to bring those into to world around her.

Prezelj Tanja

Tanja Prezelj was born in the year 1978 in the city of Kranj. She started her artistic journey in her teen years and managed to convince the cultural public that amateur art and creativity can easily transcend your average Joe. Her work is not only for artistic pleasure as it displays a deeper contemplation about her inner journeys. She is self-taught artist. She diplays her imaginary landscape and figurative scenery as compositions of pure harmony rising out waves of condensed fiery forms. Her webs of tender feeling and colors which scream of joy and combined into a deeply energetic portrayal of depth and perspective. Her artistic tongue is fresh and objectively unique.

Puc Križman Breda

Breda is largely inspired by landscape motifs. She often times indulges in natural colour palettes to which she adds her own personal character and her inner colorist perceptions. Her paintings express tidiness, purity of colour and solid struc- tures. The stokes are relaxed and well thought out with an added bit of determination to spice it up and let the artist live out her artistic impulse. With a wide open palette she follows the colour abundance of the real world. She puts an emphasis on the elements of a given situation, their specifics and telling details that drift us off into our memories.

Urška Puš

Urška Puš is an intuitive artist, translator and writer. For many years she has been working with people, who are searching for themselves and for their purpose in life. She helps them to go through their worst moments in life and shows them reasons for happiness, hope and success. Her first art exhibition: “Worlds Beyond” was inspired by her work with energies, souls and the universe.



Rajnar Mirko

Since its foundation in 1995, the Žula Gallery has been a venue for vivid visual art. In its long years of work, it opened two galleries in Maribor and one in Ljubljana and Ptuj, carried out numerous exhibitions by Slovenian and foreign authors, through whom the gallery also published a catalog of works. published two art books by Oto Rimele and Boris Zaplatil, participated in numerous domestic and foreign trade fairs, and opened an art centre in Čepinci, Goričko, with the intention of decorating painting and sculptural colonies. Today Žula gallery has one of the largest private collections in Slovenian art. In addition to the listed artists The gallery is also represented by Mihael Rudi and Jože Šubic.

Rakovec Anja

After acquiring a bachelor`s degree from Tourism in 2000/2001, and working in hotel management, her persistent wish for expressing art led her to enrolling the Visual Art Academy in 2014. At the moment, she is a graduate of the final year at the Visual Art Academy A.V.A., Slovenia, majoring in Fine Arts (Painting). She integrates moments from border real field of visible combining that with the invisible. Anja turns to nature for inspiration, which manifests in her work that is realistically abstract with a special relief processing of the canvas.

Rasiewicz Jan – Rasko

Jan Rasiewicz is an artist, a painter. His resent work evolves from simple need for creativity. Fluid paintings that are part of his latest ”Aqua” series, emerge from his inner love for family, nature and life in general. His art is born from stories and represents that love in a unique abstract way. In »AQUA« series, as the main medium Rasko uses epoxy resin mixed with pigments, acrylic colors and inks. The final result are paintings of a “wet appearance” that pulls them from the crowd, since there are not many artists using similar techniques. Come and visit his booth at Art Expo Ljubljana!

Ravnik Janez

Janez Ravnik began his life journey in 1929 in Bohinjska Bistrica. He finished School of design in Ljubljana and graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. As an art teacher at the Primary School of Josip Plemelj in Bled, he spreaded his knowledge among youngsters. More than 70 independent and several group exhibitions show, that Janez Ravnik deserves the multiple received awards, such as the Linhart Silver Plaquette and Preseren Award. For many years, he has initiated and organized several exhibitions, taking place at Bled, where he lives and creates.

Reinard Mike / Ukraine

Louis began his personal rule of France in 1661, after the death of his chief minister, the Italian Cardinal Mazarin.[4]An adherent of the concept of the divine right of kings, which advocates the divine origin of monarchical rule, Louis continued his predecessors’ work of creating a centralized state governed from the capital. He sought to eliminate the remnants of feudalism persisting in parts of France and, by compelling many members of the nobility to inhabit his lavish Palace of Versailles (formerly a hunting lodge belonging to Louis’ father), succeeded in pacifying the aristocracy, many members of which had participated in the Fronde rebellion during Louis’ minority.

Repina Potočki Janja

Saša and Janja, who go by the artistic name SAJAN, are a creative and married couple. Their teamwork dates back to 2007. Since then, the stories that have emerged from the simplicity of everyday life and woven themselves into the search of one’s own essence intertwine in their mosaics. Further, their artwork is a reflection of the environmentally problematic: the intensively cultivated, sterilely unified, unnatural living spaces. As ecoartist, they organize sustainable and creative work- shops. “Trees grow slowly” is their current project, a tribute to nature and a green message to human kind.

Repše Marko

I have always been drawn to visual mediums in general, not just photography, but what I like about photography
is that you don’t really need words, being purely visual. The result of my work is a gravitation towards producing something which I at some time was compelled to create. Motivation varies. It is also only a spare time venture at that. Whatever is in my photos, I leave to the viewer to find for themselves. My photos are not composited and contain minimal or even no retouching. I prefer a purist approach; get it done correctly in camera without a need to fix anything in post. Not only does this method allow for a higher quality final result, it is also ultimately more fulfilling.

Rimele Oto

He studied painting at the Academy of fine arts in Ljubljana, where he graduated in the class of professor Emerik Bernard in 1990. He continued his specialisation for painting in the class of professor Janez Bernik and has been later perfecting his work in Europe and in the USA. He is currently employed as a professor of painting and drawing at the Faculty of Education in Maribor, and is also a lecturer for the study of Media Communications at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of the University in Maribor. In 2003, he won the Prešeren fund award for his painting exhibition »Illuminations« in the Kostanjevica monastery church in 2002. He is also engaged in graphic design and scenography. He was a member and co-founder of rock (new-wave) band Lačni Franz and the guitarist in the group Laibach.

Rollko A. Natalie / Czech Rep.

Born in Bratislava, Slovakia She started photographing thanks to Antonín Kratochvíl and Robert Vano, with whom she has actively cooperated for a number of years. She has also organized the photographic exhibitions. Active in the advertising, marketing and PR for more than 15 years. She worked as a creative director, idea-maker and senior copywriter for many local and multinational agencies and brands. In XXXX, she founded her own creative studio called ASTRONAUTS. She is the author and co-author of several books. She also cooperates with a lot of magazines aiming at life style, culture, art, design, architecture and healthy living.

Rožič Zoran

»Heaven is not somewhere you go. It is something you carry within you.«
Zoran Rožič was born in 1964 in Slovenj Gradec (SG), Carinthia, Slovenia. Since 1980 he has been expressing his creativity through different art techniques such as painting, sculpting, graphics. He is the president of Associations’ of Carinthian artists from Ravne and member of the circle of artists from Šalek valley, Velenje. He finds his inner peace for creativity in his Art atelier, but over and over again he is searching for places where the sky kisses the earth, where genuine and good people still live and where time has stopped.

Rudl Mihael

Mihael Rudl was born in 1972 in Maribor. He graduated at High school for photography and design in 1991 and continued his study at the Academy of fine arts in Ljubljana, where he graduated in 1997 in the class of professor Gustav Gnamuš. After a few years of employment at the Academy and living in Škofja Loka, he has returned to Maribor. He participates at group exhibitions, but prefers individual exhibitions.

Rupnik Darja

Born in 1961, Darja Rupnik lives and works in Logatec, Slovenia. A teacher by profession took on painting and illustration in 2004. She illustrated the series of kids’ poems Ko sije sonce and Juhe, juhice, juhej and participated in the making of a poem-haiku collection Po- hajkujeva s haikuji skozi najin čas, published by Ad Pirum Inst. She creates acrylic and watercolor drawings inspired by poetic verses, also included in her works. In 2016 Darja Rupnik was selected to participate in a Nat. Theme Art Exh. by Slovenia’s JSKD themed Square and Circle/Cube and Sphere with one of her works.



Sakovič Dragan

My name is Dragan Sakovič. I was born on May 27th, 1982 in the countryside and spent my childhood there until I was forced to move to the capital, far from the domestic rural environment, because of my job. During my childhood, there were no artists around me and because of that fact, I am a self-taught artist and not an art academic. Like me, my art is also simple. My passion is to put life into objects which were forgotten or run through the wheel of time (old window frames, chairs, horse-drawn carriages, bicycles, etc.). I bring them back to life with the help of modern materials, I restore their functionality or give them a different role, that they had in the past. That is my passion because during my creation, I can escape back to nature, back to the old home environment. With my products and art, I want to bring a piece of nature in simple rural areas in the home of people. My products are unique and each of them has their own story. In all of them, my love for creation is embedded. In them, there are a lot intertwined emotions. Because my roots come from a rural environment, you can see and feel the rural appetizer in all of my products.

Samec Jur

REMAKE INVASION is a project through which authors reiterate and re- new the ideas, popular motifs, objects, etc. They interfere with the known images to change their appearance and content. To justify this attack they call it »recycling « and so in the spirit of the times also abuse the Term.

Seničar Elena Sofia

Elena Sofia Seničar is an energy therapist, licensed by the internationally renowned Bion Institute for Bioelectromagnetics and New Biology in the area of energy’s effect on the human body and matter. She is known both at home and abroad for her powerful and effective therapies of energetic tuning of the body. Scanning the mental body’s matrix for information allows her to detect physical ailments of the body and its internal organs, thus achieving incredible results with her energy therapies. As a consultant she guides people and advises them on various everyday problems, relationships, marital dilemmas, children, inheritance, business-related queries and other life situations. She offers energy support to entrepreneurs, who often turn to her for help in corporate decision-making, as well as athletes and other people, whose work is physically or mentally strenuous or demands long periods of concentration.

Skaberne Saba

Born in 1962 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She studied sculpture at Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and Design where she graduated in 1987. Her domain are sculptures in terracotta .However, she often combines different approaches in her art practice (such as installation, site-specific, animation, felting etc). Until now she has had 40 solo and more than 90 group exhibitions and projects and received 5 awards for her work. She is a member of SAFAS and DSS. As a freelance artist she also runs art workshops and occasionally works as a cheram- ic restorer. She lives and works in Ljubljana.

Skopec Radek / Czech Rep.

I would characterize myself as a “solitaire – autodidact”.
Above all else, I have always tried to enrich the artistic development journey with my ability to naturally engage with an understanding of shape and line. Whilst the material structure is dominant in each painting, it is through employing discontinuity in shape and line and texture that their effect is magnified, encapsulating a strong receptacle for the message. This promotes the division of individual layers of work into several phases: The Phase of the Subconscious Mind, The Phase of Sensual Birth, The Destructive Phase.

Slezák Robert / Czech Rep.

I was born in 1978 in Kyjov Czechoslovakia to a family of an electrician and dressmaker. Lived in my beloved Nivnice and all around the country, Ukraina, Europe. I studied computers in Lipník and Bečvou, film in private school Zlín and fine arts – UTB Zlín /not finished. I am Now living in Prague, working as a sound mixer/recordist for FILM/TV. I am Painting to find another extension of my soul and creativity, looking for challenges and colours. My themes are mostly inspired by the unreal world, makros, shadows and nature.

Smolič Nuša

Nuša Smolič, academic painter, fashion designer and creator of creative ideas in institute Atelje Art Murn International manages relations with customers and the organization of cultural projects, where her work connects her with organizations, galleries and artists of all types. After graduating from High School for Photography and Design, majoring in fashion design, she continued her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, majoring in painting and successfully graduating. In addition to painting and graphics she also deals with fashion design and installations related to music. She writes scripts for videos, stitches her own clothing collection and creates costumes for theatre, participates in the creation of scenography for nightclubs and theatres. She works with body painting and “airbrush” techniques, paints on walls, teaches beginner and advanced courses in drawing and painting, holds preparations for entrance exams for art schools, holds workshops for children, workshops of clay sculpting, contributes to designing of logos. She also deals with clay sculpting, photography and video …

Smukovič Gregor

Gregor Smukovič (born 1989) is a Slovenian Fine Art painter spe- cialized in a classical oil painting technique. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting in 2012 from Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, Slovenia. His paintings are mostly detailed and carefully planned figurative compositions that reveal the beauty of a human body in a coexistence with an untouched nature. Gregor also works as an illustrator, scenographer, video director and a teacher of classical painting. His works can be found in private collections in Europe and USA.

Snoj Jošt

Jošt Snoj was born in 1967 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He graduated in painting in 1993 from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana, with a series of paintings on the theme of Imago Pietatis. After he had graduated on Faculty of Theology at University of Ljubljana in 1998, he served during 2000 and 2015 as a priest in different communities in France, Italy and Slovenia. From 2004 to 2008 he further studied on sacred world art and graduated with Master degree of art on symbolical themes on Gregorian University, Rome. Since 2015 he has been exclusively dedicated to art. He paints in his atelier, attends art events with other artists and has different exhibitions of his work.

Soban Bogdan

Bogdan Soban, born in Vrtojba in 1949, with a degree in mechanical engineering, has dedicated himself to informatics. As an information technology expert he began to pursue his own project, dedicating to research of artificial creativity in the area of visual art. Soban has developed a lot of programs, which on the basis of mathematical algorithms can generate mostly abstract images. His works are rich in colors and shapes, unpredictable and never repeatable. Soban is spreading his concept by organizing exhibitions, live presentations, workshops and writing articles on the subject.

Spanzel Dorian

Dorian R. Spanzel was born in Ljubljana in 1984. After finishing high school for design and photography in Ljubljana he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice – Italy. In 2008 he graduated under professor G.Mainentti in the field of contemporary art and design. In 2009 he enrolled in post-graduate studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana at the department of new media and video. In 2012 he was awarded the student Prešern award for outstanding achievements in the field of video and interactive art. In 2014 he achieved his masters degree under the supervision of professor mag. Srečo Dragan and received the title Master of Arts. His creative spectrum covers everything from classic draw- ing, graphics, painting, photography, graphic design to interactive installations and conceptual art. His art expresses an obvious love and respect for pop and conceptual art. His art draws its identity and content from topics such as consumerism, advertising, politics, popular media and humour. Dorian’s artwork development is greatly influenced by artists such as Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg , Roy Liechtenstein, Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst.

Srakar Helena

I am designer, makeup artist aspiring traveler and a passionate photographer. I studied Visual Communications at Faculty of Design in
Slovenia. I love experimenting with materials, chasing light broken with shades and shadows to bring additional dimension to the photos. Recently I have been trying to point out a more serious topic in my work. In this case I am trying to make people more appreciative of nature, but I also have a series of photos that are provoking the use of plastic.

Srebernjak Eva

Eveline Morel was founded by The Slovenian Designer Eva Srebernjak. The company is based in Ljubljana using precious and semi-precious stones, beads and leather. The materials in the collection are handpicked by the designer on her trips around the world. Eva has always had a passion for style and luxury, Her many trips to the Far East developed and diversified her unique taste. Eva carefully searches for every precious stone, bead, and pendant that inspire her to create the next piece. Eveline Morel carries a spiritual message to those in search of their own truth within. Each piece of jewellery is carefully strung together by hands, ensuring that the energy of the stones supports the bearer in his or her dreams.

Starc Alja

Alja Starc, born on 27th June 1973 in Kranj, has been creative since childhood. She loved to make houses out of cardboard and sewed suits for her dolls. In aspiration of having her own boutique, she enrolled at the Textile School in Kranj. She traveled abroad, where she met with various creative techniques. In 1999, she learned to work with clay, which enchanted her, and in 2003 she had her first exhibition. She also exhibited at various group displays, and in 2013 she participated on the Month of design. Working as occupational therapist she also uses her creative knowledge in her profession.

Starovojtov Aleksandr

Was born in 1968 in Ukraine. With an artistic background, he moved to Slovenia in 2001 where he actively undertook cultural and art projects, including the cult musical venue Prulček, and the bestselling Less Game. He is delighted about the magic of graphic making. He says “You never know what is going to come out. It’s less important how much effort you put in, than in what state you are. Being artistic means I can constructively change the world around me.”

Sturm Breda

In 2010 Breda Sturm completed her Master’s degree with distinction at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design at the University of Ljubljana, having graduated in 2003 from the Faculty of Architecture at the same university. She is a freelancer working in illustration, graphic book design, interior design and architecture. She was additionally trained in Italy, Spain, and at the Art Students League of New York, USA. She has been a member of the Fine Artists Society of Ljubljana since 2010. She has had several solo and group exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad. She lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia.



Šebrek Tomaž

Tomaž Šebrek is the author who sank into the depths of artistic de- sign with the intellectual curiosity, studying art elements, elements and expressive forms, relations within a particular work and thus artistic syntax. In tireless and analytical research diverse techniques and stylistic approaches, discovering complex design and thematic versions, recognizing individual genres and their structural codes, and walking along the branched, but at the same time, artistically intertwined and consistently consistent artistic paths. It is interested in lines, shapes, spaces and compositions, structures, textures and light (including colors).

Šelih Marija

Since 1954 when she was born, Marija Šelih has been walking through life with eyes and ears wide open. Now she has the time, possibility and desire to put a piece of all of these impressions and feelings on canvas. She paints with acrylic colours and enjoys it a lot.

Škapin Tjaša

She mostly finds inspiration in art, architecture, nature, people, relationships… All of the above is reflected in her haute couture collections, bringing a fusion of history and modernity with a dash of glamour and femininity. The image of her woman is sophisticated, elegantly daring, wearing materials of the finest quality. She expresses herself, her nature and refined taste. Tjaša Škapin is the head of the culture & fashion event that brings various artists together at the Socerb Castle in Slovenia.

Šimunič Milena

Milena’s artistic expression had already been revealed during childhood years in her hometown of Maribor, with the encouragement of her father, who provided the pencils, drawing papers and his teachings. This marked her for the rest of her life. She started to seriously engage in her passion only after moving from Ljubljana to Celje however, where she’s been liv- ing and creating these last twelve years. Milena mainly paints abstract with oil on canvas, as well as with acrylic paints. Her heart is especially drawn to dry – soft pastel painting on velour paper with varying motifs.

Šipek Alojzija

Creating means for her great emotions, her experience through painting. All her feelings, strength and energy reflect on her creations. She create her mandalas and paintings with energy. In her work she use a lot of different details which enrich her paintings. She also use semi-precious stones and crystals. She create depth and the power of mandala through colours. This way the viewer she feel all the energy and peace of the mandala.

Šircelj Helena

Helena Šircelj is a graphics engineer and a clothing modeller by education, but a painter, art lover, explorer of nature, life and its spiritual dimensions at heart. With her work, she wishes to bring people closer to the power of nature, which is accompanying and connecting us through life. She also wants to share her gift of creation and pass her message to you, so she paints unique energy paintings and designs dresses as well. She draws her inspiration for painting, among other things, from sacred geometry, most often from the flower of life.

Širok Luka

Fine Art’s Academy in Venice, painting classes, (2007).
His art is a constant search for the best way to interpret an idea of making alive the industrial abandoned materials. The best result is when he combines all this medias together to creating stratification of layers. When this process of examination is complete we have the door open to see the mean- ing of it. Under this surface of layers you can find many in- formation about form experience and deep consciousness of our reality. Represented by MLZ Art Deep Gallery, Trieste (IT). He lives and work between Slovenia and Italy.

Šmajs Iztok – Muni

Iztok Šmajs – Muni is an extremely original and intriguing Slovenian abstract expressionist artist, whose work vibrates with vivid lyricism -both his monochromatic and pencil drawings or his vivaciously colored paintings have magical quality of being more than the sum of their formal or colouristic parts.The dynamic sense of movement and the interlacing yarns of colour that weaved together form a chromatic weft of fabric or the minute abstract signs and scratches of ink create an apparently cha- otic pattern, together with frenetic rhythm created by these intricate and delicate lines ,give us a perfect illusion of space which we are inexorably drawn into; like a lens closing upon a focal point, it gets closer and closer until we lose our our sense of perspective and contact with the word around us.It’s as if nothing existed outside of our microscopic vision.

Špenko Tanja

Born in July 1956, Ljubljana. Academic painter, graphic artist, illustrator and art teach- er. She has been participating in numerous group exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad as well as having solo exhibitions in Slovenia, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Austria. Her artwork is included in collections of Modern Gallery Ljubljana, International Centre of Graphic Arts Ljubljana, Gallery Božidar Jakac Kostanjevica, Maribor Art Gallery, Coastal galleries Piran, and elsewhere. The works of Tanja Špenko have received numerous acknowledgments and awards.

Šraj Danijela

Danijela Šraj was born in 1945. After finishing high school, she wanted to attend Academy of Fine Art, but circumstances worked against her, so she ended up attending Faculty of Administration instead and got employed in economy and later in journalism. After retirement, she was searching for a way to educate and define herself in an artistic way. She received several awards: An award from the Municipality of Domzale, she was nominated three times for a state exhibition and the Municipality of Domzale also awarded her with an individual exhibition. Mostly she engages in the acryl technique, but she creates pencil, charcoal and graphite drawings. So far, she has participated in many group exhibitions and has had two major exhibitions of her own.

Štangelj Pavlakovič Irena

I am a fashion designer and recently I have fallen in love with felting, making scarfs and accessories in particular. Felting is amazing, like painting with beautiful colors. In my scarfs lives the Spirit of Nature, which constantly surrounds me. However, this is just one of the beds in my garden of art. On the painting bed, I grow a female energy that combines grace and power, which grows as a symbol of Mother Nature in its genuine mysterious beauty. Children sowed the youngest of the beds and that is why it is a magic bed. Stories and songs about ancient wisdoms of nature, friendship and respectful attitude towards everything that surrounds us thrive in it. The beds of my garden are not strictly separated from each other. It is a colorful knot, which is changing and growing. It is my way of making people aware about the importance of Nature and changing their attitude towards Her.

Štros Janez

Janez Štros was born in 1964. Janez Štros mainly creates abstracted works with technique oil on canvas. This means to hem free and unlimited space where he can show his own perception of the world, creating new, exciting world of infinite multiplicity of messages. Janez Štros paints the stories of inside experiences. His works of art begin in combination of methodical choice of the colour palette and the tale of coincidence. This is an approach which was introduced by Breton manifest and and the theory of subconscious. Paintings of Janez Štros are made in the technique of oil on canvas. They are created from the inner urge, the desire to profess, to disclose his moods and feelings, personal spiritual states, thoughts and insights.

Šubic Jože

Since its foundation in 1995, the Žula Gallery has been a venue for vivid visual art. In its long years of work, it opened two galleries in Maribor and one in Ljubljana and Ptuj, carried out numerous exhibitions by Slovenian and foreign authors, through whom the gallery also published a catalog of works. published two art books by Oto Rimele and Boris Zaplatil, participated in numerous domestic and foreign trade fairs, and opened an art center in Čepinci, Goričko, with the intention of decorating painting and sculptural colonies. Today Žula gallery has one of the largest private collections in Slovenian art. In addition to the listed artists The gallery is also represented by Mihael Rudi and Jože Šubic.



Tajnik Stupar Nataša

Nataša Tajnik Stupar was born in 1974. After ending grammar school in 1999 she graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts, Ljubljana in painting department in the class of prof. Gustav Gnamuš and Jožef Muhovič, PhD. In 2002 she completed master degree at the same institution. In 1998, she attended school for curators SCCA Ljubljana. Since 2002 she works as freelance artist and art teacher. Since 2013 she has been a member of the Open Chamber of Contemporary Art Slovenia. As a painter, she deals with classical painting, a special emphasis is placed on drawing as an independent painting expression. Her works are found in several Slovenian collections of fine arts, both public and private.

Tanevska Milanova Tanja / Macedonia

Introduce specific collages, as a continuation of the previous cycle. Directional interest of the reconstruction of the transience of materials (stockings, cards) Collage technique as I am able materials to give them new life and meaning, and these creative ways to get effect in other forms. The collage brings the form of string, of which most present is the shape of the guitar. Dominant position in the collage are strings. Vrenosti tonal coloration enhanced by the mate- rials their texture. Supplemented with transparency and fullness of materials. The color varies with black, black – grey, warm ocherous shades. At one point form, line and texture.

Tao Chi

Tao Chi likes to point out, that if he describes himself in a too wide or in a too short version, then the essence is lost or it’s not expressed. His biography in balance: he is someone, who is consciously free of the allegory of the cave. This means, that he is here, where truth reveals itself holistically. With this, he has opened the abilities, with which he can freely experience himself in anything from nothing to absolute. One cannot force inspiration to come and work, inspiration comes and works naturally. A human, who is aware of this doesn’t force energy into action, but cooperates with energy in the Optimum Ratio. With this, he makes an essential favour to himself and surrounding, because this maintains a balance in himself and his surrounding. With this source karma remains pure…

Tomažič Nada

Nada lives in north-eastern Slovenia, near Slovenia’s second largest city Maribor. The desire to paint and creativity accompany her from childhood. After finishing her carrier in sales, Nada found her peace at home and consecrated to art. Since 2015 she takes painting lessons in Maribor, under the mentorship of a professor and academic painter. Light, sun, colours and warmth give Nada the energy to create. In her paintings there is a sensual fusion with nature, in which she tells her deepest experiences through colourful nuances. Nada uses different media for painting, preferably acrylic on canvas. So far, she had several independent exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions throughout Slovenia.

Trček Marica

Marica Trček was born in 1971 in Novo Mesto in Slovenia. At the beginning painting was only a way of relaxation for her, but in the last decade she started painting on regular basis. In May 2017 she graduated from painting at Arthouse-College of Visual Arts in Ljubljana in class of prof. Mladen Jernejec. Her biggest satisfaction is exploring the landscape through the seasons in various lighting and weather conditions. The colours are applied using the impasto technique. She has already had about 25 independent exhibitions.

Trošt Sonia

Sonia Trošt completed a Masters at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, prior to this she graduated with a degree in Architecture. Sonia has further specialised within the area of Eco art and Eco architecture, completing works and projects both locally and internationally (Lugano, Switzer- land, London, Great Britan, Bangalore – Vrindavana, India). Sonia Trošt collection ART Mandala has been presented internationally at: Rivadel Garda ~ Italy, Galerry of Lifeclass ~ Portorose (2017) Formaviva in Debeli rtič, Domus Medica – Ljubljana and Internavtika 2016-17, at the Festival of Benessere,Italy (2016). Her exhibitions also took place in Cultural Centre ROTUNDA in Koper, Eko ART~Pula, Croatia, the Atrium Convent – Ankaran (2015).The Collection was also presented at the Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies (KSEVT). This presentation was accompanied with six hours of sound mandalas played by world renowned percussionist Andrea Cantazzo from the United States of America. Throughout her lifetime Sonia has been inspired and excited by the search for, and learning of, the truth of our human existence. Through the world of colours, admiration of nature and the search to find the primal patterns of architecture within the environment that surrounds us, she felt the call to create ART Mandalas. The explosion of colours, forms and shapes spill on the canvas in larger dimensions. It is the flow of positive thoughts, ideas, transferred from the invisible world to the visible. Crystal codes are inserted into the energy of the paintings that reflect the union between the stars and the planets of the universe.



Vaupotič Sandra

Sandra Vaupotič is primary a printmaking artist, also interested in field of painting, sculpture, video and installation. She is currently studying a Master’s degree in Video and New Media at Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana and has a Batchelor’s degree in Printmaking. Her printmaking work development through three years of printmaking study is based on two key authors of the early twentieth century. Through the analysis of some of Picasso and Braque’s works she came to understanding of changes in transformation in Cubism.

Verderber Andreja

She graduated from video at the Academy of fine arts and design. She engages in painting, in which she integrates new media. In her works she pays special attention to colour. The latter awakens interest for searching hidden images in the spectator. She has had three individual exhibitions and over 50 group exhibitions for example at the Ljubljana castle, in the ULAK Gallery in Karlovac, in the Church of the Holy Spirit in Črnomelj. She has participated at videofestivals Natura 09, Speculum Artium in Trbovlje and many fine art colonies in Slovenia and Croatia. She is the vice-president and program manager at KUD Artoteka Bela krajina. She lives and creates in Bela Krajina.

Vidmar Katarina

Inspired and lead by nature, an artist Katarina Vidmar, breaths new/ mysterious life into her work. Using primarily acrylic and acquarel. Each of her painting is an exploration, a travel to the unknown, un- veiling to her with every brush stroke. She express herself mainly through the brilliant, vivatious colours. Driven by her own femininity, discovering its depths, her series of four nudes reveals the mysterious world of a Women. This lead her to a new technique she named Meditative painting. The main goal of this unique technique is to connect with oneselves inner child. She runs workshops teaching this technique and the creative process.

Vinnichenko Nadezhda / Russia

She had more than 90 exhibitions in Russia, Berlin, Italy, Bruges, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Israel, Geneva, The Czech Republic, Turkey, Ukraine, Portugal. Her Paintings are in private collections in Russia, Switzerland, Croatia, Lithuania, Israel. Nadezhdas artwork collections can be found in the House-Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva, Moscow, Museum of Fine Arts of the Tyumen Region SACI “Museum Complex” named after I.Ya.Slovtsova, Tyumen, Romanian Museum Judetean de Arta Prahova «lon lonescu-Quintus», Romania, Chuvash State Art Museum, Cheboksary and at the A.N.Scriabin Museum, Moscow. She is a member of the Artist’s Union of RussiaCreative Union of Professional Artists,International Art Fund, the Russian Union of Artists and Moscow Union of Artists.

Vukelj Sofija

Sofija Vukelj, a poet and playwright, has published three collections of poems: In Broken Nights (2008), Zurich, Never My Town (2008), and Dancing through Poetry and Film (2016), the latter being dedicated to the films and film directors that have influenced the author very much. Her first drama And Love in Between (2017), which was read on stage, deals with the intimate relationship between a man and a woman, while her second drama The God and the Goddess or What Has Happened to the Earth (2018) deals with topical social subjects.

Vižintin Saša

believes that art is his soul. He is a logistics engineer by profession. Logical thinking about creation is his path. He says that everything you can do is welcome. Saša wants to paint black and white – as he always says, in 50 shades of gray. His paintings indicate an image, a specific goal. He uses the acrylic technique and also paints portraits. Saša likes to say that he is an artist by heart and he respects every work, which is created with heart.

Vrečko Blaž – Reconceal

Reconceal is a trance music producer from Slovenia and has been making music for more than 10 years by now. His originals and remixes were released on Black Hole, Perceptive and Silent Shore records and were played over the years on radio shows and live by DJs like Tiesto, Paul van Dyk, Markus Shultz, Ferry Corsten and lately by Aly & Fila and J00f. He is also one of the leading trance Djs on Slovenia, having played recently with Aly & Fila, Paul van Dyk, The Thrillseekers, Jorn van Deynhoven, Dash Berlin, W&W, Brian Kearney, ReOrder and many many more in the last 10 years. He is also very active in other genres. His project Organic Function is very successful in progressive house scene, having been released on J00f Records. He is also an active techno producer and engineer, helping established acts with their production and sound. Lately, he is establishing himself as studio, audio and mastering engineer.

Výmola Aleš / Czech rep.

Born in Nivnice in South moravia. Animator, video-maker, director, performer, singer, guitarist, Improviser, weekend alcoholic, father of 3 small children and a lover of life and humor. Graduated from Tomas Bata University in Zlin – audiovizual art and graphic design. His latest project is an animated adult series about pigs. He loves absolute humor and his work is full of absurd self-reflection of today’s society and himself. Now he works, live, love and drink beer in Braník – a nice quarter of Prague.

Výmolová Lenka / Czech Rep.

She was born in 1990. She graduated from Faculty of Art in Ostrava. Currently, she lives and works in Prague like Czech representative for Institute AAMI.
Content in my artworks comes out of ornaments, patterns and old stuff texture. I am searching for the borders of moravian-slovakian folklore and kitsch. I also work with poor quality family photos of daily life, such is today ́s folklore. I use my drawing, collages and paintings to form a diary of my memories and experiences.



Wena Wona / Czech Rep.

Arthaus embodies an independent project of contemporary art providing a range of services for artists and public. Artists find there an unique space to present their artworks and at the same time Arthaus creates to public conditions for a simple online art purchase. Petr is a painter, creator of the online gallery Arthaus and co-founder of MeetArt’s, the newly created multifunctional art space in Prague. Wona Wena is a street – art / pop – art artist and fashion designer based in Prague.




Xmas3 is made from top quality wood from Slovene forests and has international copyright protection. Xmas3 is designed to be re-used many
times. You can assemble and disassemble it for many years. It can be stored in a convenient packaging that needs little space for storage. Xmas3 has been produced in harmony with nature. It brings the warmth, the fragrance and the magic of holidays. The tree will be passed on to future generations as a family heritage and will whisper festive stories to them. The tree will enjoy the gratitude of little trees that will finally get a chance to grow big.



Zajc Polona

Polona Zajc first encountered pottery while she was attending Secondary school of design and photography. She was also taught by a traditional potter from Komenda and later upgraded her skills in different phases of clay shaping at work in the company »Lončarsko podjetje«. Independently, she has been involved in pottery for around 25 years in her home workshop in Mengeš. From traditional pottery products, which she designed in her first years as a potter, she has expanded her craft to the design of a wide spectrum of ceramic products such as useful household ceramics, decorative ceramics and ceramic mosaics, with which she coats various surfaces. She occasionally makes ceramic art products, which she also showcased at several exhibitions so far. She says that she is inspired by the fact that shaping clay is in fact an experiment.

Zalokar Aleksandra

Aleksandra Zalokar (1985) is a representative of the youngest generation of artists who is intensely devoted to exploring the expressive possibilities of the classical linocut printmaking technique. The exhibition presents linocuts of varying formats in one or several colours.Linoleum is material that allows for cuts of varying width and depth, which permits Zalokar to intuitively respond to each notched line. The compositions have been consciously built up using lines and their intersections or points and individual planes. By generating abstract motifs of linear and geometric structures, she explores the dynamic relations between line, point and colour.

Zaplatil Boris

Since its foundation in 1995, the Žula Gallery has been a venue for vivid visual art. In its long years of work, it opened two galleries in Maribor and one in Ljubljana and Ptuj, carried out numerous exhibitions by Slovenian and foreign authors, through whom the gallery also published a catalog of works. published two art books by Oto Rimele and Boris Zaplatil, participated in numerous domestic and foreign trade fairs, and opened an art center in Čepinci, Goričko, with the intention of decorating painting and sculptural colonies. Today Žula gallery has one of the largest private collections in Slovenian art. In addition to the listed artists The gallery is also represented by Mihael Rudi and Jože Šubic.

Zaviršek Andreja

Ever since she was a child, she felt drawn to the arts. In her youth, she painted, sculpted, designed and tailored her own gowns but due to circumstances, her education and later her professional career took her into a different field. Still her passion for creative work persisted within her but it was not until her early forties that she found her path back to the arts. In those years, she started with dancing, which later expanded to home made natural cosmetics and painting.

Zelinka Andreja

Andreja Zelinka started to weave nearly 30 years ago on 4 shafts loom made by a Slovene joiner. Ever since she has been experimenting with different structures, yarns and supplements to achieve stunning unique handwoven pieces. Lately she purchased a new 24 shafts dobby loom to expand her perpetual search for new challenges in weaving. She is a member of Complex Weavers and has made several contacts with outstanding weaving masters abroad to push her weaving boundaries further.

Zoroja Jurka

JURKA ZOROJA, the flute player, professor and Bachelor of Music graduated from the Academy of Music in Ljubljana, Slovenia with professor Boris Čampa. Already during her studies she has received many important music awards, among others the student Prešeren Award and won the Yugoslav Music Academy Competition in Belgrade. She finished her post – graduate studies as a student of professor Arndt Schöne at the Carl Maria von Weber Hoch Schule fur Music in Dresden. Since 1982 to 1992 she was the principal flutist of the Slovenian National Theatre Opera and Ballet Ljubljana as well as an associate professor at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana. In the recent years her rich and longterm pedagogical work has been crowned with the establishment of the first private school for flute in Slovenia. Today all instruments as well as solo singing are taught in this school. As a soloist and member of chamber orchestras Jurka Zoroja has appeared at numerous concerts and Music festivals. Her artistic interpretation encompasses the works written for flute of all styles, solo flute music as well as chamber music. She has also received excellent ex- pert reviews for her performances. Her flute playing excels in sound, logical phrasing and extraordinary dynamic range. Jurka Zoroja is one of the most outstanding Slovenian flutist of her generation.



Žargi Peter

Peter Žargi is a Ljubljana-based composer whose music has been featured in various performances and films, ranging from Glej Theatre and Animateka to the Festival of Slovenian Film. He has contributed his thoughts on the topic of film music and music on film for the Ekran magazine and at the LIFFE festival. He also heads the electronic music project Funk of Terror and other solo projects.

Žbona Tilen

Tilen Žbona was born on 31.8.1976 in Koper (Slovenia). In 2001 he graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, Italy, where he studied painting. In 2007 he completed his masters in Video and New Media at the Academy of fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In 2017 he obtained his PhD in “The Use of New Media within Spatial Design at Elementary School” from Faculty of Education in Ljubljana, Slovenia.Currently he is a Professor of Art Education at the University of Primorska in Koper, Slovenia. He lives and works between Ljubljana and Koper.

Žitko Gregor

Gregor Žitko was born in Koper, Slovenia in 1992. In his early age, he develops his talent for music and drawing which were two of his loved areas. At first, he wasn’t sure which one will overtake and become the main activity. Lately, became clear that he will dedicate his life to painting and combine music on a side as a big inspiration. In 2015 he was accepted at Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, Slovenia where he successfully enrols in the third year of his studies. He introduced himself to the public with three solo and five group exhibitions. In the future, he would like to live and study abroad.

Žitko Romana

Romana Žitko began to use the brush as a translator of her inmost experience in 1999. From 2012 on, when her painting mentor
Žiga Bratoš brought out her passion for painting in watercolour, this kind of creative expression has become her inner need. She shows her oil, acrylic and watercolour art in independent and group exhibitions. Her paintings gleam from the walls of private collections at home and abroad. Romana does not allow herself to become typecast, which can be firmly felt while viewing her work. Her paintings are invigorating, soothing and, according to many, also uniquely healing. She is the winner of the honorary audience award of the 2nd Ex-tempore Bled and a certified art tutor at The International Painting School for Children.

Žugman Tadej

I have been painting and drawing over 40 years, since my high school. At that time, my first motives were landscapes and portraits. I took father`s photos as the motives. Father travelled around my country Slovenian and took photos of its beauties. Father had a friend Ludvik Palka, the great photographer and painter, and I started to work under his supervision and guidance. Mostly I painted in oil. After graduating at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana, I mainly dealt with architecture, paintings and decorations. Ten years ago I reactivated myself and started to paint and draw again. I started with the portraits in the pencil, and later on, also in pastel and oil on canvas.