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Salvador Club /

Public AAMI cultural club /

Salvador club is an important part of the AAMI platform, which consists of members from very different fields and backgrounds. Members of this club are all the artists, who have been presented by Institute AAMI in any way (exhibitions, events etc.), lecturers of the Institute, its volunteers, business partners, advisors, financial supporters, culture lovers and all of those who feel close to the idea and the mission of Institute AAMI.

Everyone, who wishes to contribute (with projects, events, expertise etc.) and collaborate with the Institute in the near or far future, everyone who wishes to get to know more about art and culture and all the people who are in any interaction with the Institute are kindly invited to become members of the Salvador club. Currently the club consists of more than 150 members and the Institute is striving towards a significant expansion in the near future as Institute AAMI continues to grow and evolve, in Slovenia as well as abroad.