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Platform presentations /

AAMI Platform presentations are events, at which attendees get to know Institute AAMI (Atelje Art Murn International), our projects and plans for the future. We are an institution, which is engaged in encouraging and promoting arts and culture in Slovenia and around the globe, along with connecting the art world with business. Momentarily, we are present in 15 countries with our activities and are especially engaged in two locations – Prague and Hong Kong, where we have opened 2 branches of our Institute. Some of our engagements are organising exhibitions, art events, workshops, art courses, art talks etc. We are still continuing with our primary activity, which is to fill empty spaces with cultural content and we continue with being the organizers of Slovenia`s biggest art event – ART Expo Ljubljana. We are inviting all artists, people engaged in culture, businessmen, creators as well as people, who are just curious and might be interested in any of our projects, to attend our event and possibly also become members of our Salvador club. Dare to join us and together we can break boundaries of arts and culture!