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The Botticelli club is an association of businessmen, people engaged in art and culture, politicians and other individuals, who are all connected by the same vision of changing the world we live in. The club is a supportive organ of the AAMI platform, where members of the club aim to connect culture with other industries by sharing their social and business network. The Botticelli club is also active as AAMI council with its advisors making decisions and spreading the platform concept. The members meet not only regularly 12 times a year, but also on other occasions when they do business and help each other. The vision of the Botticelli club is to establish an international network of people supporting and helping each other business-wise and believing in the idea of connecting culture with business.

This network provides support to the AAMI platform and manifests different projects to global markets together with Institute AAMI. By the end of 2020, the Slovenian branch of this club will consist of 50 to 60 members, all successful in their sphere of work and all aiming to help the first four cities of the AAMI platform (Ljubljana, Prague, Hong Kong and London) thrive and grow business and art-wise.

The objective of the Botticelli club is to integrate culture and art into different markets and to build a new network of individuals which grow and evolve together. The club consists of equal members among which the secretary of the club is responsible for organizing meetings and other activities and informing the members about them; the vice president of the club is responsible for executing ideas and connecting members and companies in the AAMI platform; the president of the Botticelli club is responsible for the execution of meetings and gatherings and also for the legal and the financial side of the club’s existence.