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About AAMI /

Cultural Institute for Extravagant World /

Institute Atelje Art Murn International was established by Slovenian artist and businessman Miha Murn in 2015, with the aim to help the various artists that represent the art market. It offers them space for exhibiting, promoting and selling their works. An integral part of our work is to raise awareness and educate the general public about the arts. Our spaces are assembled from several thousand square meters of exhibition space, located in the Crystal Palace, and at several locations in BTC City Ljubljana, in the building Rotonda, Maxi, Cubo Hotel, Quadriocenter, mansion Selo and in Mostec… In 2017 we opened our branch Institute in Prague, where we weave the same platform concept as in Slovenia. Our services also offer graphic design, web design, photography, printing, appraisals and sales ofart works, selling antiques, consulting in the purchase of art works, renting of spaces for events, presentation and advertising derivation events, interior design… Each story comes from our minds but every vision arises only from ambition. Our vision is to become the leading organization for the development and systematization of art and culture in Europe. We are confident that the company can implement strong changes and improvements to the development of art and culture. The main goal of our activities is filling up the empty spaces that are bad promotion for the owner of the building. That includes different spaces, for example shops, warehouses, halls, alleys, hallways, etc. that we transform to temporary cultural spaces with minimal investment. That does not only include the empty spaces that are waiting for their new potential owners or buyers, but also spaces which lack their soul and have not entirely come to life yet.

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Decorating the business space with artwork /
The renter or the owner of the space enables us to use his empty walls, halls and lobbies. We decorate his space with paintings, statues or other artwork for free. By that, we gain more exhibition space and better opportunities for promoting the artists. The renter or the owner gains a decorated space. All the exhibited artwork is always available for sale. Every artwork has a plate with the name of the author, its title and the price. Every author of the exhibited artwork has a board in the space with the description and his contact information.

The possibility of forming the concept for events and activities /
We set up the concept for the owner or the renter free of charge by using artwork as the supplement to the current event that adds the additional value to it and promotes the cultural aspect. Free of charge we can set up the art scene where the artwork is for sale (the event organizer gets 10% provision of the sold items). We can set up the art corner whereweintro- duce the concept and the authors who are exhibited.

Cultural activities outdoors /
We organize cultural activities outdoors for the renter, while he has to provide the space and all the material needed. We introduce different musicians, painters, sculptors and others who want to promote their work in a space with good frequency and add to the vivacity of the shopping centre.

Filling up the empty spaces with cultural content /

With the owner of the space we agree on renting the space for free by signing a lease and a sponsorship contract. The owner guarantees no regular costs for the space (electricity, water, the supplement for the building land, heating, security, insurance, etc.). We bring new content to the space by transforming the warehouses into galleries, lobbies into young artists’ presentation boards, shops to studios, etc. We take care of all the materials, requisites and the inventory we need.

Not only we bring the cultural aspecttothe space, but we also enrich it with other activities. Most often we decorate the space with artwork. We adapt the concept and the contextual scheme to the current state of the space. By that we do not invest excessively in redesigning it. Then we primarily organize cultural events, such as exhibitions, presentations, lectures, travelogues, workshops, courses, meetings, etc. However, we can use the space for other events that are not directly linked to culture, for example organizing a business meeting in a gallery, the presentations of one company’s products, showrooms, etc. Since we get he space for free, we can not rent it forward. That is why we only charge for the organisational costs that are in a way renting a space. The organisational cost include the preparations (the working hours, the equipment needed, the transport, etc.).

The organisational cost is from 5% to 15% of the price that was primarily set by the owner for renting the space. Our price therefore varies according to the size of the space, its state and the level of dif culty it requires for setting up an event in it. This concept does not allow renting the space as a permanent of ce, shop or promotional space. It can be done so only with the agreement of the owner. We always agree with the owner on the notice regarding renting his space, since the owner searches for interested renters regularly. When the owner has a new renter (frequently we get the future renters via different events), he informs us about it before giving the space for rent (the deadline is set with the agreement of both sides) and we move our items to anotherlocation. At the end, the owner is left better off, since he has to maintain the empty space anyway. Since it is empty, it is a bad promotion for him so the number of the visitors and activities decreases. We get the exhibition spaces where we can be active with our activities and by that offer bigger range of areas that people need but do not know how to access it or are not aware of its existence.

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